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Area and Sub-Area Badges

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The Indian Army has several static formations in its orbat called "Areas" which in turn consists of "Sub-Areas". These static formations consist of geographical areas and are under the command of a Major General and Brigadier respectively. The static Areas, Sub Areas, or Independent Sub Areas span the length and breadth of the country. These look after infrastructural (and lines of communications) assets. The static formations have similar patches to those of combat formations.

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101 Area (North East)
(Formerly 101 Comm Zone)
Bengal Area Delhi and Rajasthan Area
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Madhya Pradesh and Bihar Area Andhra Tamil Nadu Karnataka&
Kerala Area (ATNK&K Area)
Uttar Pradesh Area
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Punjab Haryana & Himachal Pradesh Independent Sub-Area 71 Independent Sub-Area (Northern Command) Maharashtra Goa& Gujarat Area (MG & G Area)
 Andhra Sub-Area
(Under ATTN&K)alt

All badges courtesy of David Zothansanga

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