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Arm Patches

Arm and Shoulder Patches

Command Badges

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altThe Army HQ is located in New Delhi and functions as the command, control & administration of the Indian Army as a whole. The Army is further divided into six operational commands (field armies) and one training command.

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Corps Badges

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altThe Indian Army fields 13 Corps. Each Corps has its own "Shield" emblem with two red stripes intersected by a White Strip and a Corps Emblem super impossed in the Center. All formation members wear a Patch on their left sleeve.

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Divisional Badges

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altThe Indian Army fields two Artillery Divisions, three Armoured Divisions, four RAPID Divisions, 10 Mountain Divisions and 18 Infantry Divisions. Shown on this page are markings of all known divisional formations. 

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Area and Sub-Area Badges

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altThe Indian Army has several static formations in its orbat called "Areas" which in turn consists of "Sub-Areas". These static formations consist of geographical areas and are under the command of a Major General and Brigadier respectively. The static formations have similar patches to those of combat formations.

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