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Rank Flags

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Personal Flags are commonly used on vehicles to display the rank of the officer travelling in them. These are carried on the car bonnet in addition to the 'Star Plates' already affixed to the front and rear.

Rank Flags - Staff Officers

Chief of Army Staff 

alt Rank Flag of the Chief of Army Staff. With four stars signifying the General status and the Army emblem of the Ashoka with Crossed Swords. The COAS Flag also features the Indian Flag in the top left corner

Vice Chief of Army Staff 

alt Rank Flag of the Vice Chief of Army Staff

Lt Gen - Army HQ

alt Rank Flag of  a Lt Gen ranking officer with Army HQ

Major General - Army HQ 

alt Rank Flag of  a Major General ranking officer with Army HQ


alt Flag of a Brigadier rank officer


Combat Formations

Army Commander

alt Personal Flag of the GOC-in-C Central Command. The Command Emblem - of the blazing mid-day sun is featured prominently in the middle - with the three stars on the right edge indicating the rank.

Corps Commander

alt Flag of the GOC, 21 Corps "Chakra"

Divisional Commander

alt Flag of the GOC, 54 Infantry Division "Bison" stationed in Secunderabad

Brigade Commander

alt Flag of the Commander of a Brigade that forms part of the 54 Infantry Division. There is no distinguishing sign that is carried on the flag other than that of the parent formation (54 Div)


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