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Indian soldiers struggle to move their 25-pounder artillery gun into position. Circa October 1962.

1. The Battle of Walong


Without a mention of the heroic resistance offered at Walong, by the Indian Army, no story of the 1962 Indo-Sino conflict will be complete. Read the events of the Battle of Walong by author L.N. Subramanian.

2. The Battle of Chushul


The Battle of Chushul was the decisive conflict in Aksai Chin when the Chinese Army were held in 1962, despite superior numbers.


3. The Battle of Namka Chu


The Battle of Namka Chu is a place where the decisions made by a pacifist Prime Minister, an arrogant Defence Minister and a politically connected General caused the rout of a proud Brigade with many of its men dying like animals in a cage.


4. Official 1962 War History

Times of India brings you the exclusive Official War History of the 1962 Indo-Sino Conflict, written & researched by the History Division, Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

5. Men of Steel on Icy Heights

The Battle of Rezang La must never be forgotten, as it was here where the Indian Army fought to to the Last Man, Last Round. Mohan Guruswamy gives us a brief overview of that heroic battle.

6. The Last Stand at Lagyala Gompa

  An exclusive insight into a heroic battle that was never recorded in such detail before. A soldier's untold story now told.  

7. Injustice to Ahir Martyrs of the 1962 War

Atul Yadav recounts the heroics of the 'Ahir' Jawans of the Indian Army during the Battle of Chushul.

8. The Himalayan War: A Historical Perspective

Webmasters Harshavardhan Vedak and Vikrant Chitre recount the forgotten saga of the tragic 1962 Indo-Sino War.

9. Remembering a War: The 1962 India-China conflict

Rediff.Com takes us back to 1962 and the Indo-Sino War with articles from a number of authors and journalists.

10. Pictorial Gallery: The Clash of the Asian Giants

A poignant pictorial gallery of the Indian Army's operations against China.


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