Dacca - After Surrender

The last days of Dacca are best recounted at The Liberation Times . As soon as the surrender formalities were being undertaken, the IAF flew in troops and senior officers into Dacca for carrying out the Surrender.

A number of Army and IAF Officers, ranging from Commanding Officers of various units that took part in the air offensive to junior pilots and forward Air Traffic Controllers also visited Dacca.

Some photographs taken by the visitors have surfaced. The photo album of Brig SS Kanbargimath being one example.

This page will feature photos relating to 'The Fall of Dacca'. As and when we get new pictures, we will keep updating this page.

Even as surrender talks were going on, this Mi-4 was one of the first helicopters to land in Dacca, carrying the GOC 101 CZ, Maj Gen Gandharv Nagra and Brig Harry Kler. Photo Courtesy : Brig SS Kanbargimath
This wreckage is believed to be that of a PIA Twin Otter, knocked out by rockets fired by MiG-21s of No.28 Squadron
Remains of a Hangar at Tezgaon. Photo Courtesy : Times of India
Wreckage of two more aircraft seen at Tezgaon .
The F-86 Sabres flown by the PAF's No.14 Squadron were left intact even though orders explicitly required destruction. Here the GLO 2 Wing, Flt Lt Manbir Singh, Sqn Ldr SK Sareen, Wg Cdr BK Bishnoi, U/I Sqn Ldr KC Cariappa and Flg Offr Sukrut Raj pose with  Sabre s/n '1713' .
new.gif (147 bytes)Sqn Ldr KC Cariappa, CO 111 HU (on left)Wg Cdr BK Bishnoi (Center) and Sqn Ldr Ravi Kumar (Right) with a PAF Sabre jet at Tezgaon. Photo : Gp Capt Ranbir Singh -
Sabre s/n '1735' again, shows the line up of three aircraft at Kurmitola. The two army officers and the IAF Pilot are unidentified. Photo Courtesy :Brig SS Kanbargimath
Officers of the Rajput Regiment get on the wing of Sabre s/n '1735' at Kurmitola. Photograph from 'A Tale of two rivers'. Note another Sabre in the background
- new.gif (147 bytes)Wg Cdr BK Bishnoi (2nd from Left) with other IAF Pilots holding a Bangladesh Flag pose in a Bomb Crater at Tezgaon.Photo : Gp Capt Ranbir Singh
new.gif (147 bytes)The aftermath of the legendary raid on Government House. The raid was done by MiGs of 28 Squadron. -

Wg Cdr Brijpal Singh Sikand and three other IAF Pilots try thier hand on a captured Chinese Four barreled Ack Ack gun at Dacca. Photo Courtesy :Brig SS Kanbargimath
Wg Cdr Brijpal Singh Sikand CO No.22 Squadron flying Gnats from Dum Dum, along with a fellow pilot and two Army Officers somewhere in Dacca. Photo Courtesy : Brig SS Kanbargimath