The Bangladesh War 1971

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Flying the Sukhoi-7 in Operation Cactus-Lily

26-SquadronAir Marshal Narayanan Menon was a Flight Lieutenant with No.26 Squadron at Adampur flying the massive Sukhoi-7 Ground attack aircraft during the 71 war. The Squadron was involved in a sector with the most enemy opposition on the western front. He recollects details of unit's contributions and his own personal experiences of the war.

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Sirsa's War

Mystere IVa at Sirsa during the Defence Minister's visitDuring the 1971 War, Sirsa acted as  forward air base in Haryana for Squadrons normally operating out of Hindan. It was home to Mystere IVa fighter bombers of Nos 3 and 31 Squadron, as well as a dettachment of MiG-21s of No.29 Squadron. Wg Cdr Divakar Choudhri writes about his days at Sirsa during the war, acting as the Fighter Controller for the aircraft there. 

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We joined hands with the Navy

This is an untold story of an exemplary and unique mission flown during the 1971 Indo-Pak War by then Flt Lt Arunesh "Bachu" Prasad, probably the only real navy air co-op operation during 1965 and 1971 wars with Pakistan. 

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Wish I had a gun!

Air Commodore Manbir Singh VrC flew with No.28 Squadron during the 1971 War as a Flt Lt. During the course of the Bangladesh Operations, he flew 27 sorties in Air Defence, Counter Air and Close Support roles including night time bombing missions. In this article he recollects his very first combat sortie involving combat with a Pakistani F-86 Sabre Jet.

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Mission to Chamb

Gp Capt Apram Jeet Singh was a Flight Lieutenant flying with a detachment of MiG-21s of No.45 Squadron at Pathankot. He narrates the tale of a fateful mission to Chamb in which his aircraft was nearly shot down.

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December Diary : With the Battle Axes

 Wg Cdr Kulbir Singh Harnal was a young pilot with the Battle Axes - No.7 Squadron, based at Bagdogra when the war broke out. In this day by day account, Wg Cdr Harnal takes us through the Squadron's operations - from the Eastern Front to the Western Front, making it one of the few units that took part on both fronts.

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