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Note: To look up the crest of an associated unit, please visits the Official Crests Section in Heraldry

  • Commands   ( 7 Articles )

    The IAF currently has five operational commands, each of which is headed by an AOC-in-C (Air Officer Commander-in-Chief) with the rank of Air Marshal. The IAF also has two additional commands - Training Command and Maintenance Command - to maintain a uniform standard in training and maintenance. Air Headquarters is located at New Delhi is commanded by the Chief of Air Staff. AirHQ controls all the administrative functions of the IAF and exercises   control over the Commands.

  • Bases (Wings, FBSUs, AFSs)   ( 5 Articles )
    Indian Air Force Air Bases can be categorised into various types - Operational Units like Wings, Forward Base Support Units, Care & Maintenance Units. None Operational Units consist of "Air Force Stations" , Base Repair Depots and various others.
  • Squadrons & HUs   ( 10 Articles )

    The first Indian Air Force unit raised was No.1 Squadron, Indian Air Force on 1st April 1933. Since then a number of Squadrons, Flights and Units were raised spanning the number range 1-224.  With the exeception of a few SA-2 Squadrons raised in the mid 60s, all other  Squadrons operated either fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. A listing of all IAF flying units raised can be accessed at Indian Air Force Squadrons , Flights and Helicopter Units .

  • Institutions   ( 4 Articles )
    Various training and operational establishments that are not Squadrons. Training Establishments include Flying, Technical, Administrative, Medical. Other Institutions like the DASI, AEB etc will also be covered in this section.
  • Others   ( 7 Articles )
    This section contains the various listings - Aircraft Fleet Strength, List of Missile Squadrons, Radar Units, Equipment Depots and various other OrBAT information that do not fall in any of the above sections.

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