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Order of Battle and Unit Honours

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The following gives a list of units of the Indian Air Force  that participated in the Kargil Operations. These squadrons operated from Srinagar, Avantipur and Udhampur Airbases. Additionally some units operated from Halwara and Adampur as well.  It should be noted that only detachments of 4-6 aircraft were deputed for operations and not complete Squadrons.

Battle Honours are awarded to combat flying units whereas theatre honours are awarded to support and static units. 


Fighter Squadrons Commanding Officer Battle Honours
1 Sqn Mirage 2000 Wg Cdr S Neelakantan Op Safed Sagar 1999
7 Sqn Mirage 2000 Wg Cdr Sandeep Chabbra Op Safed Sagar 1999
9 Sqn MiG-27 Wg Cdr Avtar Singh Op Safed Sagar 1999
14 Sqn Jaguar Wg Cdr Ashwani Bhakoo   
17 Sqn MiG-21M Wg Cdr B S Dhanoa Op Safed Sagar 1999
27 Sqn Jaguar Wg Cdr H K J S Sokhey  
28 Sqn MiG-29 Wg Cdr P M Cherian  
51 Sqn MiG-21 Wg Cdr Randhawa (till 21/6)
Wg Cdr N K Tandon (fm 21/6 )
102 Sqn MiG-25 Gp Capt S P Ojha  
106 Sqn Canberra PR.57 Gp Capt R S Chaudhary  
108 Sqn MiG-21 Wg Cdr H S Jallawalia Op Safed Sagar 1999
221 Sqn MiG-23 Wg Cdr Ashit Mehta (fm 18/6) Op Safed Sagar 1999
223 Sqn MiG-29 Wg Cdr Sandip Sud (till 18/6)  Op Safed Sagar 1999
Transport Squadrons
25 Sqn An-32 , Il-76 Gp Capt S P Singh  
48 Sqn An-32 Gp Capt M K Devnath  
Helicopter Units
114 HU Cheetah Wg Cdr A S Butola (fm 14/6)  
129 HU Mi-17 Wg Cdr A K Sinha Op Safed Sagar 1999
130 HU Mi-8   Op Safed Sagar 1999
132 FAC Flt Cheetah Wg Cdr O S Ahluwalia  
152 HU Mi-17 Wg Cdr S Mittal Op Safed Sagar 1999
Air Bases / Air Force Stations   Theatre  Honours
1 Wing Srinagar Air Cmde Mohinder Khanna Op Safed Sagar 1999
8 Wing Adampur   Op Safed Sagar 1999
9 Wing Halwara    
12 Wing Chandigarh Air Cmde S K Banerjee  
21 Wing Leh    
8 FBSU Awantipur Gp Capt K K J Mathews  Op Safed Sagar 1999
Radar / Signal Units    
228 Squadron      
299 Squadron     Op Safed Sagar 1999
299 Squadron     Op Safed Sagar 1999
256 Sig Unit     Op Safed Sagar 1999
305 TRU     Op Safed Sagar 1999
311 TRU     Op Safed Sagar 1999
Mobile Observation Flight    
411 MOF     Op Safed Sagar 1999
422 MOF     Op Safed Sagar 1999
457 MOF     Op Safed Sagar 1999
Missile Units    
2202 Squadron Pechora (SA-3) Wg Cdr R C Pandey  
2214 Squadron Pechora (SA-3) Wg Cdr Ravinathan  
2228 Squadron Pechora (SA-3)    
2255 Squadron OSA-AK (SA-8) Wg Cdr S Singh  
2307 Flight Igla (SA-16) Sqn Ldr S C  D'Souza  

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