The Last Quarter: 1972-99

God's Gift to Women

A young Canberra jock in a much decorated and revered squadron is faced with an emergency that could take his life and that of his navigator. This is the story of a rare Canberra 'belly landing' that helped save a much valuable aircraft

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The Airlift into Armenia by No.44 Squadron

Gp Capt Bewoor commanded No.44 Squadron from Sep 87 to Oct 89. This article provides the details of the historic sortie to Soviet Armenia in 1988, where a devastating earth quake had rendered hundreds killed and thousands homeless.

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Evaluating Fighter aircraft in the Soviet Union

Following the resounding victory in the Bangladesh liberation war in Dec 71, India was increasingly seen by Western powers as a client state of the Soviet Union. Due to the parlous state of its finances India did not have the option of paying for Western arms in hard currency. Whenever an Air Staff Requirements (ASR) was put out by Air Hq the Government invariably asked the IAF to look at what was available with the Soviets. It was under these circumstances that I had the occasion to go to the Soviet Union in 1973, 1975 and 1979 as a member of IAF evaluation teams.

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No.2 Squadron - Photos from the 70s


Group Captain Gohain was commissioned in the fighter stream of 110 Pilots Course on 2 Jun 1973. After initial training He was posted to Gnat squadrons and for next seven years or so served in Nos 22, 23 and 2 Squadrons. In 1982 he converted to MiG 21M and served in 37 and 17 Squadrons. he did two instructional tenures in MOFTU where he flew MiG-21FLs and later commanded 52 Squadron. He also commanded 273 SU, an ADDC as Group Captain. A qualified FCL and graduate of Staff College, he took a premature retirement from Air Force in May 2004.

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The Indian Air Force in Iraq

One of the lesser known episodes of the IAF's involvement with foreign air forces was its role in training Iraqi Air Force pilots in the 70s and 80s. For the first time on record, Air Marshal Rajkumar writes about his two year Instructional stint in Iraq.

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