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The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965
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by P V S Jagan Mohan and Samir Chopra
The Indian Air Force's story in the 1965 war told for the first time ever!

The complete story of the Indian Air Force in the 1965 war told in breath taking detail for the first time ever! Order your copy today.

Scroll Below to the section with a very early draft of this book.

Combat Diary of a Tusker by Capt V C Goodwinnew.gif (147 bytes)
A Canberra Bomber pilot recounts his operations from 65.

The Shelling of Dwarka by Ex-Sgt Ramesh Madan
The Day the Pakistani Navy shelled Dwarka

Out of the Blue by Air Chief Marshal S Krishnaswamy
External Link to Indian Express - A young Gnat pilot's recollections

My Reminiscences as a Prisoner of War by Air Marshal K C Cariappa
Life behind the wire - from an IAF PoW

Tigers over Sargodha by Air Marshal Philip Rajkumar
No.1 Squadron does a daylight raid over the most defended PAF airfield

How I almost missed the war by Air Marshal S Raghavendran
War breaks out exactly during annual leave!

How I too nearly missed the war by Air Vice Marshal Ajit Lamba
How 7 Squadron plunged into the battle with the Tonga Strike!

Tank Hunting in Chamb by Air Marshal Trilochan Singh
How Mysteres of 3 Squadron opened the account in Chamb - and another view of the Pathankot Strike!

The Day the PAF got away by Air Marshal S Raghavendran
The story behind the PAF's most sucessful attack on an IAF Base.

The An-12 in the bombing role by Sqn Ldr (Retd.) Douglas Augier
The unknown story of a band of pilots tasked with a 'suicidal' mission.

Comments on the An-12 'Bomber' Article  by Wg Cdr (Retd) RA Rufus
Wg Cdr Rufus sends in his comments on the Dinky Augier's article..

Thirty Seconds Over Sargodha by Rakesh Koshy
A look at the various claims and Litterature surrounding the 'Battle for Sargodha'

A Critical look at the 1965 Operations by Air Chief Marshal PC Lal
Air Chief Marshal Lal's lecture at the USI  in 1973.

The Canberras and the MiGs in 1965 by Jagan Pillarisetti
The Forgotten aircraft of the 1965 Conflict.

The Making of "The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965"
How the first ever book on the 1965 Air War had come to be written.


Appendix A:- PAF Claims vs. Official List of IAF Losses
Appendix B:- IAF Claims vs. Official List of PAF Losses
Appendix C:- List of Indian Pilots - Killed, POW or Ejected Safely
Appendix D:- Gallantry Award Winners of the IAF in the 1965 Air War
Appendix E:- Order of Battle of the IAF in the 1965 War


Map of West Pakistan
Map of East Pakistan

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The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965
Early Draft (A very early one!)
01 - The IAF in the Preliminary Years
02 - Preliminaries - Line up & the   Kutch Fighting
03 - Air Attack - Outbreak of the War
04 - The Reply - Air Battles of September 7th
05 - Missed Oppurtunity - War in the East
06 - The Lull - September 8th to 14th
07 - The Sideshow in the South Western Sector
08 - The Rest of the War Sept 15 to Sept 23
09 - Cease Fire and After

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