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Collar Tabs

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Sometime towards the end of Air Chief Marshal SK Sareen's tenure around 1998, the Indian Air Force introduced a new pattern collar tabs for Air Officer Ranks. Starting with the rank of Air Commodore, all the officers would wear 'Star' pattern Collar tabs that would denote their rank. This practice has now been emulated by the Army in 2004.

CT-5Star.jpg (16580 bytes) The only person to wear the 'Marshal of the Air Force' rank and the equivalent 5-Star Collar Tab is Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh who was conferred the title in 2002.
CT-4Star.jpg (33554 bytes) Air Chief Marshal Anil Yeshwant Tipnis wearing the Collar Tabs with 'Four Stars'.
Collar Tabs for Air Marshal holding an  AOC-in-C or VCAS level appointment.
CT-3Star.jpg (28382 bytes) Collar Tabs for Air Marshal Rank. Unlike the army, the airforce initially did not distinguish between the tabs of an C-in-C rank officer and that of a newly promoted Air Marshal. But later introduced tabs that included the wreath.
CT-2Star.jpg (31491 bytes) Collar Tabs for Air Vice Marshal
CT-1Star.jpg (29470 bytes) Collar Tabs for Air Commodore
Acknowledgements: Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani for the C-in-C Tabs
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