Central Air Command

With the rapid expansion of the Indian Air Force during the Fifties, the command and control structure needed to be reorganized. This re-organisation led to the revival of the No 1 Operational Group at Calcutta in 1958. This group was responsible for the operations of the IAF in the eastern as well as the central sector of the country. The areas of responsibility of this Operational Group were bifurcated and two separate commands were formed. The Central Air Command was formed at Rani Kuthee, Calcutta in Mar 1962. However with need to increase vigil along the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Tibetan borders, Calcutta was considered inappropriate location for the Central Air Command Headquarters and it was relocated at Allahabad in February 1966. The task assigned to this Command is to patrol the North Central sector of this country from Himachal border to Sikkim. The area assigned to command stretches from Bareilly/Agra in the North to Bihta/Darbhanga in the East from Indo-Nepal border in the North to Nagpur in the South. Read Detailed History

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
10 Jun 63 to 04 Mar 66Air Vice MarshalShivdev Singh1595 F(P)AOC-in-CCalcutta
05 Mar 66 to 31 Dec 66Air Vice MarshalKundan Lal Sondhi1566 GD(P)AOC-in-CCalcutta
01 Jan 67 to 28 Mar 68Air Vice MarshalHari Chand Dewan1598 F(P)AOC-in-CCalcutta
29 Mar 68 to 31 Mar 71Air Vice MarshalHrushikesh Moolgavkar1644 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Apr 71 to 31 Mar 73Air Vice MarshalMaurice Barker1691 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Apr 73 to 26 Jun 74Air MarshalBandi Sreeramulu Krishnarao1727 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
27 Jun 74 to 29 Feb 76Air MarshalIdris Hasan Latif1804 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Mar 76 to 31 Jan 77Air MarshalGeorge Kanishtkumar John2132 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Feb 77 to 31 Dec 78Air MarshalGian Dev Sharma1742 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jan 79 to 21 Sep 81Air MarshalTrilochan Singh Brar2884 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jan 82 to 31 Dec 83Air MarshalBalwant Wickram Chauhan3352 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jan 84 to 31 Oct 84Air MarshalDenis Anthony Lafontaine3844 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Nov 84 to 31 May 86Air MarshalRipu Daman Sahni3867 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jun 86 to 31 Mar 87Air MarshalJohney William Greene4093 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Apr 87 to 28 Feb 88Air MarshalNirmal Chandra Suri4236 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Mar 88 to 31 Dec 90Air MarshalMohinder Singh Bawa4494 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Feb 91 to 30 Apr 92Air MarshalSwaroop Krishna Kaul4721 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 May 92 to 28 Feb 93Air MarshalPondicherry Jayarao Jayakumar5037 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Mar 93 to 31 May 95Air MarshalNaresh Kumar5057 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jun 95 to 30 Jun 96Air MarshalDev Nath Rathore5780 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jul 96 to 31 Mar 97Air MarshalVinod Patney6125 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Apr 97 to 30 Nov 97Air MarshalSrinivasapuram Krishnaswamy6338 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
22 Dec 97 to 31 Oct 99Air MarshalVinod Kumar Bhatia6497 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Nov 99 to 31 Jul 00Air MarshalVinod Patney6125 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Aug 00 to 30 Apr 02Air MarshalVinod Kumar Verma6528 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 May 02 to 31 Jan 03Air MarshalShashindra Pal Tyagi8130 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Feb 03 to 31 Mar 04Air MarshalBrijendra Mohan Bali8438 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Apr 04 to 30 Apr 05Air MarshalRaghu Rajan8997 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 May 05 to 31 Oct 06Air MarshalJaspal Singh Gujral11300 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Nov 06 to 31 Dec 07Air MarshalPradeep Vasant Naik12005 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
31 Dec 07 to 30 Jun 09Air MarshalPackiam Paul Rajkumar12018 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jul 09 to 31 Oct 11Air MarshalGurdip Singh Kochar13149 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Nov 11 to 31 May 12Air MarshalArup Raha13910 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jun 12 to 31 Jul 14Air MarshalJasvinder Chauhan14079 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Aug 14 to 31 Dec 15Air MarshalKulwant Singh Gill15220 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad
01 Jan 16 to Air MarshalShyam Bihari Prasad Sinha16053 F(P)AOC-in-CAllahabad