PSO: Personnel, Air HQ

Date Raised : 1981-02-23
The post of Air Officer Personnel was created in 1981 to oversee numerous Directorates dealing with matters pertaining to Personnel. Dte of Personnel Officers (DPO), Personnel Airmen (DPA) and Personnel Services (DPS) were transferred to AOP from AOM on the creation of the post. In 1984, DPS was transferred back to AOM, though some elements of it were retained by AOP in the formation of a new Dte of Personnel Planning (DPP) in 1985. In 1987 and 1989 respectivey, Dte of Trg and Dte of Edn were transferred to AOP. Prior to being formed as AOP, a post directly responsible to the Chief of Air Staff, AOP function was performed by ACAS (Personnel), an AVM rank officer reporting to the AOA. This post was created in July 1970. Much earlier in the 1930s the role was managed by an officer designated as "Senior Personnel Staff Officer (SPSO)". Somewhere in the 1940s this was converted into a Directorate called the Dte of Personnel Services. It was again renamed as Dte of Personnel in 1949 and remained so till 1958 when it was broken up into DPO and DPA. It was not until 1970 that all the functions related to Personnel were consolidated again under ACAS (Personnel).

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
24 Oct 36 to Wing Commander C F HorsleyRAFSPSODelhi
05 May 40 to 30 Sep 42Wing Commander H E KingRAFSPSODelhi
17 Mar 43 to 14 Mar 44Group Captain H J GemmelRAFSPSODelhi
15 Mar 44 to 11 Oct 44Wing Commander W BreretonRAFSPSODelhi
12 Oct 44 to 01 Jul 45Wing Commander William Edward Heath MuirRAFSPSODelhi
Unknown to 14 Aug 47Group Captain Aspy Merwan Engineer1554 GD(P)G/C (Personnel Services)Delhi
15 Aug 47 to 14 Sep 47Group Captain Kanwar Jaswant Singh1587 GD(P)G/C (Personnel Services)Delhi
28 Oct 47 to 26 Jan 48Wing Commander Kundan Lal Sondhi1566 GD(P)G/C (Personnel Services)Delhi
27 Jan 48 to 14 Jul 49Group Captain Kundan Lal Sondhi1566 GD(P)G/C (Personnel Services)Delhi
18 Nov 49 to 08 Apr 51Group Captain Chaman Lal Mehta1630 GD(P)Director (Personnel)Delhi
Unknown to 20 Jun 54Group Captain Karori Lal Bhatia1605 GD(P)Director (Personnel)Delhi
01 Dec 55 to 27 May 58Group Captain Ramaswami Rajaram1573 GD(O)Director (Personnel)Delhi
Unknown to Group Captain Mohan Swaroop Chaturvedi1592 GD(O)Director (Personnel)Delhi
19 Jul 70 to 01 Dec 71Air Vice Marshal Syed Abbas Hussain1706 GD(P)ACAS (Personnel)Delhi
Unknown to 05 Apr 72Air Vice Marshal Krishna Mahesh Agerwala1648 GD(O)ACAS (Personnel)Delhi
Unknown to 01 Dec 76Air Vice Marshal Hemonto Kumar Bose2348 GD(P)ACAS (Personnel)Delhi
Unknown to 01 Dec 78Air Vice Marshal Kenneth Hubert Larkins3511 GD(P)ACAS (Personnel)Delhi
01 Sep 79 to 01 Sep 80Air Vice Marshal Subramaniam Raghavendran3840 GD(P)ACAS (Personnel)Delhi
01 Jun 80 to 06 Feb 81Air Vice Marshal Surendra Sahney3860 GD(P)ACAS (Personnel)Delhi
23 Feb 81 to 31 Dec 82Air Marshal Saroj Jena3157 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Jan 83 to 31 Dec 83Air Marshal Denis Anthony Lafontaine3844 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Jan 84 to 05 Nov 84Air Marshal Ripu Daman Sahni3867 GD(P)AOPDelhi
27 Nov 84 to 21 Aug 85Air Marshal Man Mohan Singh4023 GD(P)AOPDelhi
20 Sep 85 to 30 Mar 87Air Marshal Nirmal Chandra Suri4236 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Apr 87 to 03 Feb 88Air Marshal Man Mohan Sinha4408 GD(P)AOPDelhi
04 Feb 88 to 31 Aug 88Air Marshal Krishnaswamy Subramanian4213 GD(N)AOPDelhi
01 Sep 88 to 30 Jun 89Air Marshal Parduman Krishan Puri4397 GD(N)AOPDelhi
03 Jul 89 to 30 Sep 90Air Marshal Har Krishan Oberai4583 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Oct 90 to 13 Oct 91Air Marshal Pondicherry Jayarao Jayakumar5037 GD(P)AOPDelhi
14 Oct 91 to 30 Apr 92Air Marshal Naresh Kumar5057 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 May 92 to 25 Jul 93Air Marshal Prabhat Kumar Varma4822 GD(P)AOPDelhi
26 Jul 93 to 30 Dec 93Air Marshal Janak Kumar5122 GD(P)AOPDelhi
31 Dec 93 to 31 Dec 95Air Marshal Shiv Nath Rathour5580 GD(N)AOPDelhi
01 Jan 96 to 10 Apr 96Air Vice Marshal Vinod Kumar Verma6528 GD(P)AOPDelhi
11 Apr 96 to 30 Sep 99Air Marshal Vinod Kumar Verma6528 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Oct 99 to 31 Jan 02Air Marshal Khushindhar Singh Bindra6863 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Feb 02 to 30 Sep 04Air Marshal Narayan Menon9005 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Oct 04 to 30 Aug 05Air Marshal Arvind Kumar Nagalia11633 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Sep 05 to 31 Jan 07Air Marshal Yashwant Rao Rane12210 GD(P)AOPDelhi
01 Feb 07 to 30 Apr 08Air Marshal Venkataraman Ramamurthy Iyer12939 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 May 08 to 31 Aug 09Air Marshal Sumit Mukerji12925 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Sep 09 to 31 Dec 10Air Marshal Kughikombil Joseph Mathews13393 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Jan 11 to 31 Dec 12Air Marshal Anil Chopra13368 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Jan 13 to 28 Feb 14Air Marshal Priya Ranjan Sharma13927 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Mar 14 to 31 Jan 15Air Marshal Subramanyam Sukumar14672 F(P)AOPDelhi
02 Feb 15 to 31 Jul 16Air Marshal Sanderraman Neelakantan15184 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Aug 16 to 31 Jul 18Air Marshal Balakrishnan Suresh16206 F(P)AOPDelhi
27 Aug 18 to 31 Oct 19Air Marshal Amit Tiwari16806 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Nov 19 to 30 Sep 20Air Marshal Amit Dev16972 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Oct 20 to 30 Jun 21Air Marshal Richard John Duckworth17136 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Aug 21 to 31 Aug 23Air Marshal Suraj Kumar Jha17445 F(P)AOPDelhi
01 Sep 23 to Air Marshal Nagesh Kapoor18557 F(P)AOPDelhi

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