No.44 Squadron Mighty Jets

Motto : Ishtam Yatnen Sadhyet
Date Raised : 1961-03-31 Location : Chandigarh
The squadron was formed at Chandigarh on 06 Apr 1961, with the AN-12, which was a 4 engine heavy lift turbo prop aircraft. This versatile ac undertook all kinds of airlift ops in the most inhospitable terrain, both in the North East and J&K sectors. the squadron was later equipped with the stretegic heavy transport ac, the IL-76, in Mar 1985. During the Sino-India conflict in 1962, the squadron took active part in airlifting supplies, arms, ammunition and cas evac in the Ladakh sector. The Indo-Pak conflict of 1965 war the squadron carried out strategic and tactical airlift. In 1971, during the Indo-Pak war, when the squadron was tasked to strike troop concentration at Hajipur, Fort Abbas and Skardu. The squadron became the first tpt sqn to be awarded the Battle Honours. During the IPKF ops in Sri Lanka, the sqn continued to support our land forces, both during induction and deinduction. In recognition of its achievements, the sqn has been awarded one MVC, two Vr C, one YSM, three VSM, five mention in despatch, 30 VMs, 25 CAS and 51 AOC-in-C commendations.

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
31 Mar 61 to 17 Dec 62Wing CommanderTrilok Nath Ghadiok2354 F(P)COChandigarh
01 Feb 63 to 30 Nov 65Wing CommanderTom Lionel Anderson3126 GD(P)COChandigarh
01 Dec 65 to 28 Jun 67Wing CommanderGurdip Singh3944 F(P)COChandigarh
29 Jun 67 to 10 May 70Wing CommanderVijay Chand Mankotia4041 GD(P)COChandigarh
11 May 71 to 16 Aug 71Wing CommanderAjit Kumar Bhattacharjee4427 GD(P)COPune
25 Aug 71 to 17 May 74Wing CommanderVidya Bhushan Vashist4584 F(P)COPune
18 May 74 to 31 Oct 76Wing CommanderNarinder Singh Arora4983 F(P)CO
01 Nov 76 to 16 Jul 77Wing CommanderDalip Singh Sabherwal4756 F(P)CO
08 Aug 77 to 15 Aug 77Wing CommanderKambiranda Muthanna Ponnappa4503 F(P)CO
18 Aug 77 to 12 Aug 80Group CaptainKambiranda Muthanna Ponnappa4503 F(P)CO
27 Oct 80 to 21 Apr 81Group CaptainAshwini Kumar Bhide5674 F(P)CO
22 Apr 81 to 31 Jan 85Group CaptainMadhavan Ambaidy5372 F(P)CO
01 Feb 85 to 30 Jan 87Group CaptainAshok Kumar Goel8151 F(P)COAgra
01 Oct 87 to 22 Oct 89Group CaptainAnanth Gurunath Bewoor9718 F(P)COAgra
23 Oct 89 to 27 Sep 92Group CaptainMohinderjit Singh Singha9711 F(P)COAgra
28 Sep 92 to 11 Sep 94Group CaptainPravesh Kumar12411 F(P)COAgra
12 Sep 94 to 14 May 97Group CaptainRobin Chandra Baruah13156 F(P)COAgra
15 May 97 to 31 Aug 00Group CaptainTrikandiyur Kollath Venugopal13598 F(P)COAgra
01 Sep 00 to 25 Aug 02Group CaptainAnil Kumar Sharma14670 F(P)COAgra
26 Aug 02 to Group CaptainSridharan Panicker Radha Krishnan Nair16040 F(P)CO
Unknown to Group CaptainRajat Sharma17008 F(P)CO
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