AFS Bidar

Location : Bidar
Bidar airfield was built by the Nizam of Hyderabad during the unsettled conditions of 1943 -1947. It remained in disuse till activated by the Air Force with the location of No 2 Jet Training Wing in 1963. This was disbanded in 1965 and the airfield remained inactive till 1966. The Elementary Flying School, i.e. EFS was located at Bidar thereafter. This FTE was formed at Allahabad in 1963 to cater for the increased induction of pilots under the expansion programme of Air Force. While at Allahabad this FTE was known as Pilots Training establishment and was providing ab-initio training on HT-2 aircraft. In 1966, the establishment, after relocation at Bidar was renamed Elementary Flying School (EFS). However, the training pattern remained unchanged. In 1983, the role of EFS changed with the introduction of "All Through Jet Training" scheme for pilots (except those from Army). The Station was then tasked to undertake Stage-II (Advanced) phase of training on Kiran Mk-I A aircraft. Ab-initio training was shifted to AFA. In June 1988, Kiran Mk-II aircraft was inducted for Stage-II (advanced) phase of flying training as an additional squadron along with Mk-I As. In 1996, the SuryaKiran aerobatics team was also formed at AF Stn Bidar.

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
29 Mar 86 to Air Commodore Manjunath Sadanand4994 F(P)AOCBidar
Unknown to Air Commodore Manjit Singh Sekhon6756 F(P)AOCBidar
Unknown to Air Commodore Swaran Singh Banga8100 F(P)AOCBidar
Unknown to 01 May 94Air Commodore Eapen Mathulla8365 F(P)AOCBidar
01 May 94 to 01 Dec 94Air Commodore Narayan Menon9005 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Dec 94 to 01 Feb 96Air Commodore Nirmal Thusu9033 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Feb 96 to 05 Jan 98Air Commodore Avinash Deodata Joshi10886 F(P)AOCBidar
02 May 98 to 01 Mar 00Air Commodore Kanwar Dalinderjit Singh12403 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Mar 00 to 01 Dec 01Air Commodore Pradeep Vasant Naik12005 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Dec 01 to 01 Jan 03Air Commodore Randhir Pratap13146 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Jan 03 to 01 Feb 05Air Commodore Ajit Singh13147 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Feb 05 to 03 May 07Air Commodore Jatinder Singh Dhillon13764 F(P)AOCBidar
03 May 07 to 31 May 09Air Commodore Ramesh Rai14669 F(P)AOCBidar
01 Jun 09 to 29 Dec 10Air Commodore Rajeev Hora17141 F(P)AOCBidar
30 Dec 10 to 16 Jun 13Air Commodore Sujeet Pushpakar Dharkar17841 F(P)AOCBidar
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