28 Wing

Location : Hindon (Ghaziabad)

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
01 Jun 65 to 01 Jan 67Group Captain Trilochan Singh Brar2884 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
07 Feb 67 to 10 Aug 69Group Captain Krishna Mohan Ram3101 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
11 Aug 69 to 30 Jun 70Group Captain Hemant Ramkrishna Chitnis2964 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
28 Jul 70 to 27 Nov 73Group Captain Terence Joseph Desa3863 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
28 Nov 73 to 08 Aug 74Group Captain Ripu Daman Sahni3867 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
10 Aug 74 to 04 Jan 76Group Captain Nirmal Chandra Suri4236 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
21 Feb 76 to 14 May 76Group Captain Brijpal Singh Sikand3947 F(P)Stn CdrHindon (Ghaziabad)
15 May 76 to 16 Jan 81Air Commodore Brijpal Singh Sikand3947 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
17 Jan 81 to 05 Jan 82Air Commodore Karan Yadav4200 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
06 Jan 82 to 25 Mar 84Air Commodore Bhupendra Kumar Bishnoi4594 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
09 Apr 86 to 24 Aug 86Air Commodore Eric Lionel Allen4582 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
25 Aug 86 to 04 Sep 88Air Commodore Ramesh Shridhar Hardas5308 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
11 Nov 88 to 02 Jan 91Air Commodore Sharadkumar Ramakrishna Deshpande5694 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
03 Jan 91 to 24 Dec 92Air Commodore Ravish Malhotra7673 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
24 Dec 92 to 02 Apr 95Air Commodore Devinder Singh Sant8157 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
03 Apr 95 to 30 Sep 97Air Commodore Chandra Nath Ghosh10124 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
01 Oct 97 to 16 Apr 00Air Commodore Allandur Sulochanan Gurunathan10443 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
17 Apr 00 to 03 Dec 00Air Commodore Anup Kumar Shyam12065 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
04 Dec 00 to 31 Oct 02Air Commodore Mahadeva Ramakrishna12027 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
11 Nov 02 to 02 Feb 04Air Commodore Kesava Kurup Vijay Kumar13396 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
03 Feb 04 to 02 Jan 05Air Commodore Dilip Dinkar Mandpe13937 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
03 Jan 05 to 04 Jan 07Air Commodore Mohinder Pal Singh Gill13604 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
Unknown to Air Commodore Arjun Subramaniam16592 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
Unknown to Air Commodore Thazhathupulikunnel Devasia Joseph16964 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
Record not displayed
Unknown to Air Commodore Nagesh Kapoor18557 F(P)AOCHindon (Ghaziabad)
Record not displayed

Note: All the data available here is publicly available in the Gazette of India, published by the Indian Government, or from public domain sources, including press releases about Awards. No data with respect to serving officers below the rank of AVM is displayed. Information in Gazette of India and Award citations and photographs as released by the Indian Air Force are the only details displayed.