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List of Commanding Officers for 119 HU

FromToRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
Unknown Wg CdrBobby Jonhson4826 CO
Unknown Wg CdrNaresh Kumar5057 CO
Unknown Wg CdrP N ChhabraCO
Unknown Wg CdrB K Dhir6460 CO
Unknown Wg CdrK K Sangar7017 CO
Unknown Wg CdrN S Chahal8155 CO
Unknown Wg CdrM R Handa11276 CO
Unknown Wg CdrD N Sahae11590 CO
Unknown Wg CdrP P Rajkumar12018 CO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrK K Yadav12032 CO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrRavi Krishnan13807 CO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrK pathakCO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrS N SharmaCO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrT M Shashidhar17439 CO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrP Upadhyay18581 CO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrB GoelCO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrS K SinghCO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrR Verma21244 CO Jamnagar
Unknown Wg CdrV Bali CO Jamnagar

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