No.101 Squadron Falcons

Motto : Anwishyavedhi (Search and Destroy)
Date Raised : 1949-05-01
101 Squadron of the IAF, popularly known as the 'FALCONS OF CHHAMB' was created as a photo reconnaissance flight at Palam on 1 May 1949. Four Harvards, two Spitfires, eight pilots and fifty five airmen formed the nucleus of the Squadron. In 1957, the Squadron converted to Vampire aircraft and shifted its base to Adampur. The Squadron graduated to supersonic era with SU-7 ac in June 1968. The Squadron shifted to AF Base Sirsa on 10 May 1981. As of early 2002, Squadron 101 appeared to have relocated to Adampur Airbase.

Commanding Officers

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DatesRank & NameNumberRemarksLocationPhoto
01 May 49 to Flight Lieutenant John Frederick Shukla2458 GD(P)COPalam
01 Oct 62 to 01 Apr 65Squadron Leader Vishwanatha Krishnamurthy4022 F(P)COTezpur
01 Jan 67 to Squadron Leader Amarendra Nath Sanyal4982 F(P)CO
01 Jan 69 to Wing Commander Prithi Singh4480 F(P)CO
01 Jan 71 to Wing Commander Kailash Chandra Khanna4722 F(P)COAdampur
Unknown to Wing Commander Pratap Rao5188 F(P)CO
Unknown to Wing Commander Mahendra Vir Singh6769 F(P)CO
Unknown to Wing Commander Jeffrey Reginald McKerrow10469 F(P)CO
01 Jan 87 to 01 Jan 89Wing Commander Manmohan Singh11862 F(P)CO
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