Awards for AFS Hakimpet

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Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Sqn Ldr Jasbir Singh 22702 F(P)Unit : AFS Hakimpet  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 07
Details :

Squadron Leader Jasbir Singh (22702) F (P) is on the posted strength of AF Station Hakimpet since 06 Dec 04 and is the Senior Flight Commander of Kiran MK I Flt.

On 23 Aug 05, he was authorised as chase for a trainee's syllabus sortie, which was uneventful till peel off for a landing. While Sqn Ldr Jasbir was turning cross at a height of approximately 1800' to 2000' AGL, he had a bird hit followed by rpm stagnation at 20-25%, which is below the idle value. He appreciated the situation in its entirety and announced his intention to force land the ac on reciprocal to the runway in use. He held his throttle in the idle position, continued his left turn maintaining glide parameters, managed the R/T with ATC and ensured landing configuration before reversing the turn in time to align and force land the ac safely. A reconstruction of the whole profile confirms the fact that the pilot barely had 10 seconds to appreciate the emergency inside his aircraft, correlate his relative to the runway and monitor the traffic situation before arriving at his decision. If that window of time was lost either due to delayed appreciation or error of judgment, such a recovery would have been impossible. Post flight inspection revealed a near intact full-grown dead eagle lodged before first stage of compressor, confirming no possibility of relight. The pilot was within his rights to eject as per all existing SOPs. But since he successfully seized the timely opportunity to factor in all relevant aspects to arrive at the decision that he did, it saved an invaluable asset for the Service.

The extreme professionalism shown by the officer in face of deteriorated air situation ensured safe recovery of the aircraft. For his professionalism and exceptional devotion to duty, the Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Squadron Leader Jasbir Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 17th March 2007. No.90-Pres/2007 dated 26th January 2007 

Bar to Vishist Seva Medal
Gp Capt Partap Singh 8897 AE(L)Unit : AFS Hakimpet  Award Date 26 Jan 92 Announced 26 Jan 92
Details :

Group Captain Pratap Singh, VSM is on the posted strength of an Air Force Station, as Chief Engineering Officer since 21 Aug 89.

Gp Capt Singh quickly assessed that various flying incidents and repetitive snags occurring on Iskra aircraft were synonymous with ageing of the fleet. He undertook the challenge of arresting this trend and was successful. The unresolved hydraulic system malfunctioning since very inception was traced to fouling of the rotary valve in hydraulic reservoir with the dip stick, thus allowing air to be sucked in the system during certain manoeuvres. He ordered for cutting off the dip-stick in Nov 90 and ever since, no hydraulic incident has occurred for the last 4500 hrs of flying. These measures have raised confidence level amongst pilots.

There was a breakdown of supply of critical spares and rotable from abroad. This officer initiated repairs of critical rotables at base by development of repair schemes. Thus local repairs has helped the station to sustain Iskara flying for the last 1½ years and the last four pilot's courses on Iskara could be completed before time. The officer is presently engaged in modification for cooling of R/T set and aircraft battery in Iskra aircraft to reduce time due to persistent snags.

Along with sustaining a fleet of varied types of ac, the officer undertook the task of resource optimisation. The station Workshop was extensively utilised and gave enormous support to MT and other services. A quantum jump in quality, specially for MT in which expenditure on local purchase was reduced to one fourth after a modernisation drive by this officer.

For his unflinching loyalty to service, perseverance of economy and resource optimisation, the President is pleased to award Bar to Vishisht Seva Medal to Gp Capt P Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India Notification Dated : 26 Jan 1992 Number: 

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