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Shaurya Chakra
Flt Lt Sumit Mukerji 12925 F(P)Unit : AFA  Award Date 08 May 80 Announced 26 Jan 81
Details :

On the 8th May, 1980, Flight Lieutenant Sumit Mukerji was flying an instructional Instrument Flying sorties. At a height of 4900 metres, he experienced a front bearing failure and shortly engine seizure took place. Till then, no reliable statistics were available on the rate of descent of aircraft experienced with seized engine and different configuration of aircraft using undercarriage and flaps. With a totally professional approach, unmindful of great danger to his own life, Flight Lieutenant Mukerji passed on to the flying control the various rates of descent he experienced with and without undercarriage. Despite a very high rate of descent, he through his fine airmanship managed to land the aircraft and thereby saved a valuable aircraft from certain destruction. He also helped in collecting valuable data on the situations that follow an engine seizure.

In this action, Flight Lieutenant Sumit Mukerji displayed courage, presence of mind and professional skill of a high order.

Reference: Gazette of India , 18th April 1981 - No.28 - Pres/81 dated 26th January 1981 

Shaurya Chakra
Flt Cdt Mohinder Jeet Singh Bains 172220 F(P)Unit : AFA  Award Date 08 Sep 84 Announced 26 Jan 86
Details :

On the 8th Sept. 1984, Flight Cadet Mohinder Jeet Singh Bains, who was undergoing Advance stage training at an Air Force Training Institution, was authorised to fly a Low Level Navigation sortie with a chase pilot. Just after take off, he experienced an engine flame-out. Facing the most critical emergency in a single engine jet aircraft. Flt Cdt Mohinder Jeet Singh Bains, inspite of his very limited experience as a trainee pilot, was calm. He turned the stricken aircraft away from heavily populated areas to head for a lake in order to avoid loss of lives on the ground and damage to civilians property. Thereafter, following the drills he had been taught, he jettisoned the canopy and put the aircraft smoothly down, wheels up, on the edge of the lake. The aircraft skimmed along the water and slowed down about three hundred meters into the lake, then nosed into settle wings level on the bottom, twenty feet down. Underwater, Flt Cdt Bains unstrapped himself from his seat and his parachute, disconnected his oxygen tube and came out of the cockpit. But immediately he got entangled in the weeds in the lake. Though weighed down by his boots and overalls, he made a tremendous effort and almost reached the surface but the weeds pulled him down. He attempted to remove his boots and by the time he unlaced one, he had suffocated and drowned.

Flight Cadet Mohinder Jeet Singh Bains thus displayed cool courage, presence of mind and a high sense of responsibility.

Reference: Notification No. 28-Pres/86 dated 26th January, 1986 published in Part 1, Section 1, Gazette of India dated 22nd March, 1986. 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Gurcharan Singh Baweja 15030 F(P)Unit : AFA  Award Date 01 Apr 87 Announced 26 Jan 88
Details :

Squadron Leader Gurcharan Singh Baweja has been on the posted strength of Air Force Academy as Qualified Flying Instructor in HJT-16 aircraft since 09 Jun 85. During a short period of slightly less than two years, he has flown a total of 816 hours on Kiran aircraft.

On 01 Apr 87, while flying on instructional sorties in a Kiran aircraft, on the final approach at 300­400', he noticed that even though the pupil was moving the throttle forward to correct for a slightly undershooting approach, the RPM was winding down rather than increasing. Sqn Ldr Baweja immediately took over control and sized up the situation in a split second. He and the pupil had the opportunity to eject, but realizing that he still had some decaying power and even though the aircraft was low on the glide slope it had a slightly higher IAS, he decided to carry on with the approach and make the beginning of the R/W for a safe landing. He now optimised his approach and by deft handling of the aircraft in this critical stage, was able to round off over the undershoot area which enabled a safe touch down just a few feet ahead of the beginning of the R/W. By the time the aircraft touched the R/W, the engine had flamed out fully. This commendable performance was not a reflex action or a chance outcome, but a well judged and premeditated act in which Sqn Ldr Baweja exhibited professional skill and proficiency of the highest order and, as a result, he not only saved a valuable aircraft but also provided an opportunity to locate the cause factor for the engine failure.

Sqn Ldr Baweja is a self motivated officer who goes out of his way to keep his knowledge up to date.

For his exceptional professionalisms, keeping his cool while handling a critical emergency and rate devotion to duty, the President is pleased to award Vayu Sena Medal to Sqn Ldr Gurcharan Singh Baweja.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 2nd April 1988 - No.24-Pres/88 dated 26th January 1988 

Vayu Sena Medal
Gp Capt Gurcharan Singh Bhogal 12504 F(P)Unit : AFA  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 95
Details :

Group Captain Gurcharan Singh Bhogal was commissioned in the IAF on 19 December 1970. He has over 1300 hrs of accident free flying to his credit. He is also an A-2 flying instructor with over 1000 hrs of instructional flying, and has been an Air Force Examiner. A graduate of Defence Services Staff College he has served as Directing Staff at this prestigious Institution.

Gp Capt Bhogal was posted to the Air Force Academy (AFA) as Chief Instructor (Flying) in March 1993, where he has been responsible for the supervision and conduct of all flying training at the Academy. This task is extremely challenging as it involves conduct of flying and ground training in six different syllabi. This enormous task involves close and direct supervision to ensure the highest quality of flying training amounting to 18,000 hours per year, which is the maximum flown at any IAF Station. In addition Gp Capt Bhogal has personally supervised training and standardisation of a large number of flying instructors.

Induction of women trainees into the flying branch resulted in increased quantum of flying at AFA. Gp Capt Bhogal was asked to introduce simultaneous mixed flying of Kiran and HPT32 aircraft in order to increase availability of ac and achieve optimum utilisation of manpower and ac resources. Gp Capt Bhogal worked ceaselessly to revise orders and procedures with great care and deliberation to ensure that mixed flying is carried out in a very safe environment. The Academy was awarded the Best Flying Training Establishment and the best Flight Safety Trophies of Training Command for the year 1993.

For exceptional devotion to duty the President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Gp Capt Gurcharan Singh Bhogal.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 11th March 1995 - No.99-Pres/94 dated 26th January 1995 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Arun Purushottam Garud 14692 F(P)Unit : AFA  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 97
Details :

Wing Commander Arun Purushottam Garud was commissioned as a Helicopter Pilot on 29 Dec 76. An A-2 Qualified Flying Instructor, he has instructed at four flying training establishments including the prestigious Flying Instructors School. He is a graduate of Defence Services Staff College and has 5200 hours of accident free flying to his credit.

Wg Cdr AP Garud was posted to Air Force Academy on 10 Aug 92. He was instrumental in planning and executing flying training of eleven courses including three women courses. Over 200 trainees graduated under his guidance and his Squadron flew over 10,000 accident free hours in this period. Wg Cdr Garud managed this outstanding feat by focusing his attention on critical areas of flying and conducting workshops personally, to educate each staff and student alike. He achieved each of his enormous time bound tasks always on schedule through effective supervision, dedication and example.

Wg Cdr Garud fabricated several training aids which had valuable impact on basic training. These included a video film on circuit and landing and computer graphics for scan patterns in Instrument Flying. All these training aids are used by over two hundred trainees and seventy Flying Instructors every year.

For exceptional devotion to duty, the President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wg Cdr Arun Purushottam Garud.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 15th March 1997 - No.19-Pres/97 dated 26th January 1997 

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