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Shaurya Chakra
WO Harkanwal Kishen Sharma 220058 ORUnit : 3 Wing  Award Date 01 Nov 84 Announced 26 Jan 86
Details :

On the 1st November, 1984, Warrant Officer Sharma, who was residing in Palam Colony area, sheltered 12 members of minority community in his house to save their lives from the rioteers. In doing this, Warrant Officer Sharma risked the lives of his own family members as the rioteers got some hint that the minority community members were hiding in his house. They surrounded the house and threatened Warrant Officer Sharma with dire consequences if he did not hand over the people sheltered by him. Warrant Officer Sharma maintaining calm, tried to convince these miscreants that his house did not shelter any body. Not fully satisfied, the rioteers continued to keep watch on his house and his activities. On the night of 2nd November, 1984, Warrant Officer Sharma found an opportunity and evacuated first batch of six members of one family sheltering in his house. However before the second lot of 6 people could be moved to safety, the rioteers once again surrounded the house. Warrant Officer Sharma putting his own life at serious risk, argued with the rioteers and did not allow them to enter his house. His house remained surrounded by miscreants for 48 hours and he himself remained outside keeping their attention diverted. After two days, the family of 6 members was evacuated.

Warrant Officer Harkanwal Krishan Sharma thus displayed exemplary courage and presence of mind in extremely adverse circumstances at grave risk to his own life and lives of his family members.

Reference: Notification No. 28-Pres/86 dated 26th January, 1986 published in Part 1, Section 1, Gazette of India dated 22nd March, 1986. 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
WO Jagannath Banerjee 300067 ORUnit : 3 Wing  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 64
Details :

Warrant Officer Jagannath Banerjee [Signaller (Air)] has been operating in NEFA, NHTA and Jammu and Kashmir areas for a long period. During the Chinese invasion of Ladakh, he worked fourteen hours a day, including six to eight hours of flying. He undertook several missions to forward landing grounds under enemy attack. In complete disregard of his personal safety, he always volunteered for hazardous missions and set a fine example to his colleagues and was source of inspiration ot them. Throughout, Warrant Officer Jagannath Banerjee displayed courage and devotion to duty.

Reference: Gazette of India 1st February 1964 - No.20 - Pres/64 dated 26th January 1964. 

Vayu Sena Medal
Gp Capt Saroj Jena 3157 GD(P)Unit : 3 Wing  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 69
Details :

Group Captain Saroj Jena commanded the I.A.F. Canberra Detachment in the Congo during April-October 1962. His Squadron rendered valuable service. He himself flew 10 sorties on reconnaissance missions. During the period December 1962 to May 1965, he commanded another Squadron. Under his able guidance the Squadron fulfilled all the tasks allotted to it creditably. Group Captain Jena took over Command of Air Force Station Palam, in January 1967 and was responsible for organising the fly-past during Republic Day 1967 and 1968. He was also responsible for the intricate flight planning, safety of aircraft and correct timings of the aircraft participating in the Air Power Demonstration held at Tilpat on 31st March 1968.

Throughout, Group Captain Saroj Jena displayed courage, leadership and devotion to duty in the best traditions of the Indian Air Force.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 12th April 1969 : No.18 - Pres/69 dated 26th January 1969 

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