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Vir Chakra
Flt Lt Dinesh Chander Nayyar 8995 F(P)Unit : 221 Sqn  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 72
Details :

During the operations against Pakistan in December, 1971, Flight Lieutenant Dinesh Chander Nayyar was serving with a FighterBomber Squadron in the Eastern Sector. He flew 11 missions during the conflict. On his first counter air mission over Dacca Air Field he was shot at by enemy Ack Ack. Regardless of personal safety and in the face of heavy ground fire he continued with his attacks; which resulted in the silencing of the guns on the airfield as also the loss of a Sabre aircraft on the ground. In one of his subsequent missions, he was responsible for spending considerable time over the enemy area in locating a well-camouflaged P.O.L dump and in destroying it.

Throughout, Flight Lieutenant Dinesh Chander Nayyar displayed gallantry, professional skill and devotion to duty of a high order.

Reference: Gazette of India , 29th July 1972 - No.92 - Pres/72 dated 18th July 1972 

Shaurya Chakra
Sgt Neeranjan Mishra 667412 ORUnit : 221 Sqn  Award Date 17 May 91 Announced 26 Jan 92
Details :

Sergeant Niranjan Mishra was detailed as takeoff inspector along with another airframe flitter on the 17th May. They both carried out the tyre checks on a MiG-23 BN aircraft and cleared it for take off. The aircraft lined up normally but as soon as reheat was engaged it swung viciously to the left going off the runway. The aircraft finally impacted a blast pen wall, sustained intensive damage and caught fire. Sgt Mishra ran across the runway to the damaged aircraft saw that the pilot was trapped inside the burning aircraft. The nose of the aircraft was smashed , the canopy jammed and the pilot was in an awkward position in a dazed condition. Using great presence of mind Sgt Mishra broke the shattered canopy with a brick and removed the pieces thus making an exit for the pilot. The flames by now had risen to the cockpit and Sgt Mishra unmindful of the danger to himself and with great courage assisted Plt Offr MS Nival to get out of the burning wreckage with minor injuries. Within minutes of the pilot getting out of the cockpit the ejection seat fired, a hazard which Sgt Mishra knew could have fatal consequences for both the pilot and himself carrying out the rescue.

Sgt Mishra, true to the tradition of the Air Force, showed great presence of mind, loyalty and even at the risk of his own life displayed courage and fortitude of the highest order. His timely act of valour and courage beyond the call of the duty saved the life of a young pilot.

Reference: Gazette of India , 11th April 1992 - No.?? - Pres/92 dated 26th January 1992 

Vayu Sena Medal
Sqn Ldr Onkar Singh Wadhawan 4899 F(P)Unit : 221 Sqn  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 73
Details :

Squadron Leader Onkar Singh Wadhawan, in his seventeen years of commissioned service, has commanded two fighter squadrons and has served as Officer-in-Charge Flying of a fighter base. He has a total of 3799.45 hours of flying. His flying record has been accident free. As Flight Commander in an operational squadron, he has been responsible for conducting the conversion training of pilots onto advanced supersonic aircraft. His instructional flying ability on the aircraft is of an exceptional order. He has seldom worked less than 9 hours a day, driven by his keenness for perfection at work and faultless completion of his duties as a Flight Commander.

Squadron Leader Onkar Singh Wadhwan's exceptional professional ability and skill in the air, tremendous keenness for flying and remarkable thoroughness in all his work on the ground, are of special significance to the Air Force.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 23rd March 1974 - No.34 - Pres/74 dated 26th January 1973 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Dilip Shankar Jog 4608 F(P)Unit : 221 Sqn  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 74
Details :

Wing Commander Dilip Shanker Jog has been in command of a Squadron operating supersonic fighter aircraft for over a year. During this period, a large number of junior pilots were successfully converted on to these aircraft. This was done without an accident and in accordance with prescribed time schedules. He supervised this conversion training and played a leading part in carrying out instructional flights. In addition, he ensured the combat readiness of the Squadron by completing operational training exercises. He has to his credit 3600 hours of accident-free, single engine flying, 800 sorties of which are on supersonic aircraft.

Throughout, Wing Commander Dilip Shanker Jog displayed professional skill, leadership and devotion to duty in the best traditions of the Air Force.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 6th July 1974 - No.85 - Pres/74 dated 26th January 1974 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Avinash Deodata Joshi 10886 F(P)Unit : 221 Sqn  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 88
Details :

Wing Commander Avinash Deodatta Joshi assumed command of a frontline fighter Squadron on 15 Apr 85. Throughout the period of his command, Wing Commander Joshi stressed the primacy of operational capability. He trained his Squadron to a very high level of efficiency in its primary and secondary roles. The fully operational and instrument rating status of his pilots was raised to 100%. In addition, his Squadron came to be recognized as highly specialized in undertaking tasks involving extended periods of valley flying.

In acknowledgement of his professional capabilities and achievement of exceptional standards, Headquarters Western Air Command assigned to his Squadron a number of special missions designed to optimize the Vijay's operational utilization. Wing Commander Joshi led almost all of these missions himself. As a result of the trains he conducted and as a result of the success of these special missions, the operational capability of the centre Vijay fleet increased substantially.

Wing Commander Joshi had to sacrifice much of his personal convenience and comfort, and his time, in order to train his Squadron to the peak of operational efficiency. At the same time, he made a noteworthy contribution to the optimization of the Vijay aircraft's operational envelope. He approached these takes and accepted his success with admirable humility. Through his action and attitude, he roved himself a true leader.

For his initiative, professional zeal and out standing competence and for his exemplary leadership qualities, the President is pleased to award Vayu Sena Medal to Wing Commander Avinash Deodatta Joshi.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 2nd April 1988 - No.24-Pres/88 dated 26th January 1988 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Bhushan Nilkanh Gokhale 11630 F(P)Unit : 221 Sqn  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 90
Details :

Wing Commander Bhushan Nilkanth Gokhale assumed command of a fighter squadron on 18 May 87.

He personally led an operational IRLS sortie over the border in Siachen area in Aug 87. Under his Command, the performance of the unit had been exemplary during EXHAMMER BLOW and EX-SURAKSHA II.

Wg Cdr Gokhale took personal initiative and established a new approach to the TRS (turn round servicing) on a MiG variant reducing the TRS time by half. Wg Cdr Gokhale has been instrumental in identifying, initiating and implementing a major modification of the MiG variant which in the near future will allow an armament recorder camera to be fitted.

For his significant contributions to the operational preparedness of the squadron and dedication to duty, the President is please to award Vayu Seva Medal to Wg Cdr Bhushan Nilkanth Gokhale.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 12th May 1990 - No.38-Pres/90 dated 26th January 1990 

Vayu Sena Medal (Devotion to Duty)
Wg Cdr Shridhar Kishore Mohlah 18259 F(P)Unit : 221 Sqn  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 06
Details : Wing Commander Shridhar Kishore Mohlah (18259) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned on 07 Jun 1986 and has cumulative flying experience of 3500 Hrs on various types of aircraft. He has been a Commanding Officer of a frontline strike squadron from 30 Jun 2003 to 28 Mar 2005. As Commanding Officer, Wg Cdr Mohlah with his professionalism and perseverance ensured that all pilots in the Squadron were able to achieve operational role capabilities viz valley flying and attack as well as high altitude range qualifications. The Squadron Ops status improved drastically and seven pilots became operational by day and seven pilots by night also. 1 4 pilots of a total of 18 were able to achieve and maintain the valley and high altitude range qualifications. With his exemplary leadership, personal dedication and exceptional initiative he ensured that a very high serviceability state of aircraft, nearing the end of its service life and plagued with numerous maintenance related problems, was maintained. The Squadron was thus able to accomplish all the tasks throughout his tenure. Under his command the Squadron was nominated for the best Combat Unit selection and performed extremely well in the competition as well as the inspection by the Directorate of Air Staff Inspection team. During the inter Squadron Gunnery meet in Oct 2004, Wg Cdr Mohlah led by example by achieving exceptional results in the gunnery event and the efforts put in under his guidance enabled the Squadron to win the Bombing and Gunnery trophies. The Squadron was also adjudged first overall in WAC. For his exceptional devotion lo duly, The Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wing Commander Shridhar Kishore Mohlah .
Reference: Gazette of India dated 18th March 2006 - No.30-Pres/2006 dated 26th January 2006 & AFD2006 Investiture  

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