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Vayu Sena Medal
Sqn Ldr Kirpal Singh 5115 GD(P)Unit : 1 BRD  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 70
Details :

Squadron Leader Kirpal Singh has been engaged in flight testing of various high speed aircraft since April 1967. In this assignment, he has flown 400 hours. His approach towards production testing has always been intelligent and dynamic and his ability to recognise the defects of aircraft in the air has helped the ground crew immensely in their task. He has displayed cool courage in the face of grave emergencies in inclement weather conditions.

Throughout, Squadron Leader Kirpal Singh displayed cool courage and devotion to duty.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 25th April 1970 - No.16 - Pres/70 dated 26th January 1970 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Karam Singh 5132 AE(M)Unit : 1 BRD  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 72
Details : During the operations against Pakistan in December, 1971, Wing Commander Karam Singh was in charge of the Aircraft Servicing Division of the Base Repair Depot. He was responsible for carrying out major repairs and camera modification of a large number of aircraft. He inspired his men to work day and night and produced maximum number of aircraft in record time for operational use by the Squadrons. Throughout, Wing Commander Karam Singh displayed professional skill, leadership and devotion to duty.
Reference: Gazette of India dated 7th October 1972 - No.108 - Pres/72 dated 23rd September 1972 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn Ldr Virendra Pal Singh 14551 F(P)Unit : 1 BRD  Award Date 30 Aug 89 Announced 26 Jan 90
Details :

Squadron Leader Virendra Pal Singh is one the posted strength of one of the Base Repair Depots since 06 Jun 88 and is employed as a test pilot on Hunter and HS-748 aircraft production and storage flight testing duties.

On 30 Aug 89, Sqn Ldr VP Singh was authorized to carry out Air Test on T-75 aircraft after Pre-issue servicing. Climb to 13 Kms was uneventful. All of a sudden, there was an explosion followed by a fierce wing blast with splinters hitting the pilot on his face. Half the canopy had blown away shattering the pilot's visor and deeply denting the helmet. Remaining part of the visor had blood on it and was flapping wildly as a result of airflow entering through the shattered canopy.

Unmindful of his personal safety, the pilot initiated recovery action. The noise level as a result of wing blast was very high and transmission from the ground was not discernible. Air Traffic Control gave visual indication for landing. A safe landing was carried out.

For his courage, self-confidence and professionalism of a high order, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Sqn Ldr Virendra Pal Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 12th May 1990 - No.38-Pres/90 dated 26th January 1990 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Jithendra Paul Singh 13594 F(P)Unit : 1 BRD  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 92
Details :

Wing Commander Jatinder Paul Singh is on the posted strength of a Base Repair Depot of the IAF since 29 Jul 90 and employed as Officer i/c Aircraft Test & Ferry Flight. He is engaged in air testing of Hunter and MiG-21 variants.

On 30 Aug 90, Wg Cdr Singh was on an air test sortie of an aircraft after an engine change. On completion of the supersonic run, while descending through 8.4 kms at a speed of 650 kms IAS he brought the throttle back initially to BLC catch and subsequently to idle. On bringing the throttle to idle he heard a bang and experienced engine surge with rise in JPT. He promptly switched off the engine. He had a successful relight at 6 kms but on opening throttle experienced vibrations and unusual engine sound above 90% N1 RPM. He gave an RT call, restricted RPM to 85% and landed the aircraft off a descending circuit making a straight approach for the nearest runway. Post flight inspection revealed extensive damage to the compressor between 2nd and 8th stage. Wg Cdr Singh by his correct and prompt actions landed back a badly crippled aircraft. He displayed confidence and professional skill of a high order.

On a subsequent occasion on 21 Nov 90, Wg Cdr Singh was flying an air test sortie on another aircraft. Towards the end of the sortie, on engaging reheat, he experienced main hydraulic failure. He promptly switched off the reheat and the jet nozzle closed. He then experienced total main hydraulic failure with the pressure dropping to zero. The cone was struck between 80 to 85% and the undercarriage was lowered on emergency. While taking corrective action the pilot had already turned downwind and positioned for a flapless landing. He landed off a descending circuit keeping throttle use to minimum. The aircraft was switched off on touch down. Post flight inspection revealed a profuse leak at the outlet connection of hydraulic electric selector valve to jet nozzle actuator. Any further delay in taking corrective action would have caused fire in the tail section leading to loss of control. Wg Cdr Singh with his prompt actions handled the emergency in a professional manner.

For his self confidence, presence of mind, professional skill of a high order and devotion to duty, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Wg Cdr JP Singh.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 11th April 1992 - No.29-Pres/92 dated 26th January 1992 

Vayu Sena Medal
Wg Cdr Pochana Prasad Reddy 15008 F(P)Unit : 1 BRD  Award Date Announced 26 Jan 97
Details :

Wing Commander Pochana Prasad Reddy was commissioned as a Fighter Pilot on 10 Jun 77. A Qualified Flying Instructor and a Test Pilot, he has 2800 hours of accident free flying. He is on the posted strength of a Base Repair Depot at Kanpur since 17 May 93 as the Chief Test Pilot.

As Chief Test Pilot, he air tested and supervised air testing and ferrying of MiG-21 variants, Mirage 2000 and AN 32 aircraft. He carried out a total of 253 air tests on MiG-21 variants handling several system malfunctions with utmost professionalism and aplomb. His contribution in the preparation of schedules and conduct of the flight test programme for first AN-32 aircraft overhauled at the BRD was praise worthy.

Being the only Test Pilot available at Kanpur, he was also assigned the task of air testing of HAL (Kanpur) manufactured aircraft such as Avro, HPT-32 and Dornier, which helped HAL Kanpur Division to achieve their production task in time. All this task was achieved without any incidents/accidents.

For exceptional devotion to duty, the President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal' to Wing Commander Pochana Prasad Reddy.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 15th March 1997 - No.19-Pres/97 dated 26th January 1997 

Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Wg Cdr Nilanjan Biswas 18081 F(P)Unit : 1 BRD  Award Date 28 Mar 07 Announced 26 Jan 08
Details :

Wing Commander Nilanjan Biswas (18081) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a Base Repair Depot (BRD) since 27 Sep 04 as Chief Test Pilot.

On 28 Mar 07, Wg Cdr Biswas undertook the first post production sortie on AN-32 aircraft after major overhaul. On completion of air test profile, during rejoin when the undercarriage was lowered, the port and nose wheel undercarriage locked down, however, the starboard undercarriage was stuck in the up position. All emergency actions failed to lower the starboard undercarriage. Additional actions including landing the aircraft on port wheel only and a go around were not effective.

This emergency was unprecedented in the history of AN-32 operation with the IAF. Wg Cdr Biswas did not get perturbed by such a grave emergency and decided to carry out an emergency landing on port wheel and nose wheel only. Under such a condition the aircraft could easily get out of control and crash, leading to catastrophic consequences for both the occupants as well as the aircraft. He landed the aircraft with minimal fuel and on touch down switched off the engines. On the landing roll, he controlled the aircraft in such a way that it remained on the runway for most part of the landing roll and the right wing was lowered to touch the ground only at very low speeds. Thus, the aircraft suffered minimal damage only on the starboard wing tip and rear fuselage with no damage to the engines. The damages to aircraft are repairable at site. No damages were suffered by the aero engine and the propeller of the aircraft. Throughout the flying Wg Cdr Biswas was in control of the situation and his cockpit resource management was immaculate. His professionalism and courage in handling of the emergency saved the airmen from loss of life as well as extensive damage to the aircraft.

For this act of exceptional courage, Hon'ble President is pleased to award 'Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)' to Wing Commander Nilanjan Biswas.

Reference: Gazette of India dated 10th November 2008. No. 34-Pres/2008 dated 26th January 2008 

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