IAF Aircraft Database - Types, Serial Numbers, Fates

Variant Type Census Total
Mikoyan MiG-21 F-13 Type 746
Mikoyan MiG-21 PF Type 766
Mikoyan MiG-21 FL Type 77248
Mikoyan MiG-21 MF34
Mikoyan MiG-21 M160
Mikoyan MiG-21 Bis236
Mikoyan MiG-21 Bison47
Mikoyan MiG-21 U42
Mikoyan MiG-21 UM64
Total Mikoyan MiG-21 in Database843

Serial NoVariantCons NoPrev IdTOC DateSOC DateAirframe StatusImage
C-2067MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2068MiG-21 Bis2000-08-31 Written Off
C-2069MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2070MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2071MiG-21 Bis2001-09-17 Written Off
C-2072MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2073MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2075MiG-21 Bis Preserved
C-2076MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2077MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2078MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2080MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2081MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2082MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2083MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2084MiG-21 Bis2004-09-01 Written Off
C-2085MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2086MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2087MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2088MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2089MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2090MiG-21 Bis2006-08-01 Scrapped
C-2091MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2092MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2093MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2094MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2095MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2096MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2097MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2098MiG-21 Bis Preserved
C-2099MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2100MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2101MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2102MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2103MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2104MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2107MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2108MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2109MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2110MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2111MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2112MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2113MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2114MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2115MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2116MiG-21 Bis Preserved
C-2117MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2118MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2120MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2121MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2122MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2123MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2124MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2125MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2127MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2128MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2129MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2130MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2131MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2132MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2133MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2134MiG-21 Bis Preserved
C-2135MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2186MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2188MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2190MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2191MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2192MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2193MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2195MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2197MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2198MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2200MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2201MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2202MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2203MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2204MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2205MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2206MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2207MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2208MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2209MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2211MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2213MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2214MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2215MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2216MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2217MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2218MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2221MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2222MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2223MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2224MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2225MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2226MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2227MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2229MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2230MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2231MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2232MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2233MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2234MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2236MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2237MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2239MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2240MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2241MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2242MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2243MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2244MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2245MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2246MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2247MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2248MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2249MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2251MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2253MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2254MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2255MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2256MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2257MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2258MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2259MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2260MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2261MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2263MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2264MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2265MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2266MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2267MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2268MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2269MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2270MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2271MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2273MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2274MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2277MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2278MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2279MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2280MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2281MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2282MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2283MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2284MiG-21 Bis Preserved
C-2286MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2287MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2288MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2289MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2290MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2291MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2292MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2293MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2294MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2295MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2297MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2298MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2299MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2300MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2301MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2302MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2303MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2304MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2305MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2306MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2307MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2308MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2309MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2310MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2311MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2312MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2313MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2314MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2315MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2316MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2317MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2318MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2319MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2320MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2321MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2322MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2323MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2324MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2326MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2749MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2767MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2768MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2772MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2773MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2774MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2775MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2776MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2778MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2781MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2783MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2784MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2786MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2788MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2789MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2790MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2791MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2792MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2793MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2795MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2797MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2798MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2799MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2800MiG-21 Bis Written Off
C-2802MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2803MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2804MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2805MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2806MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2807MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2808MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2809MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2811MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2812MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2813MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2814MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2815MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2818MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2820MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2822MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2823MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2824MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2825MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2827MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2828MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2829MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2830MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2831MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2832MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2833MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2834MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2835MiG-21 Bis Unknown
C-2836MiG-21 Bis Preserved
C-2074MiG-21 Bison Preserved
C-2079MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2105MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2106MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2119MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2126MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2136MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2187MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2189MiG-21 Bison Written Off
C-2194MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2196MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2199MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2210MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2212MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2219MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2220MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2228MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2235MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2238MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2250MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2252MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2262MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2272MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2275MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2276MiG-21 Bison Written Off
C-2285MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2296MiG-21 Bison Written Off
C-2325MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2327MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2769MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2770MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2771MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2777MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2779MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2780MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2782MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2785MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2787MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2794MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2796MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2801MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2810MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2816MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2817MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2819MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2821MiG-21 Bison Unknown
C-2826MiG-21 Bison Unknown
BC-816MiG-21 F-13 Type 74 Unknown
BC-817MiG-21 F-13 Type 74 Preserved
BC-818MiG-21 F-13 Type 741965-09-06 Written Off
BC-819MiG-21 F-13 Type 741963-12-21 Written Off
BC-820MiG-21 F-13 Type 741963-12-21 Written Off
BC-821MiG-21 F-13 Type 74 Unknown
C-498MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-499MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-500MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-501MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-502MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-503MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-504MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-505MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-506MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-507MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-508MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-509MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-510MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-511MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-512MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-513MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-514MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-515MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-516MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-517MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-518MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-519MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-520MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-521MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-522MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-523MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-524MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-525MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-526MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-527MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-528MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-529MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-530MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-531MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-532MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-533MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-534MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-535MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-582MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-583MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-584MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-585MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-586MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-587MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-588 MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-589MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-590MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved Image Available
C-591MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-592MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-593MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-594MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-595MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-596MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-597MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-598MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-599MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-600MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-601MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved Image Available
C-602MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-603MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-606MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-607MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-608MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-609MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-610MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-611MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-612MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-613MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-615MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-616MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-617MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-618MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-619MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-698MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-699MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-700MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-701MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-702MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-703MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-704MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-705MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-706MiG-21 FL Type 771999-12-15 Written Off Image Available
C-707MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-708MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-709MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-710MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-711MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-712MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-713MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-714MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-715MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-716MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-717MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-718MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-719MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-720MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-721MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-722MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-723MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-724MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-725MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-726MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-727MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-728MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-729MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-730MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-731MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-732MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-733MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-734MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-735MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-736MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-737MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-738MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-739MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-740MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-741MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-742MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-743MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-744MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-745MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-746MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-747MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-748MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-749MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-750MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-751MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-752MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-753MiG-21 FL Type 771970-01-212011-09-21 Preserved
C-754MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-755MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-756MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-757MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-758MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-759MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-760MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-761MiG-21 FL Type 771971-03-26 Written Off
C-762MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-763MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-764MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-765MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-766MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-767MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-768MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-769MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-770MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-771MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-772MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-773MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-774MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-775MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-776MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-777MiG-21 FL Type 771970-12-202012-11-08 Preserved
C-778MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-779MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-982MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-987MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-988MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-989MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved Image Available
C-990MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-991MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-992MiG-21 FL Type 771997-09-02 Written Off
C-993MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-994MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-995MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-996MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-997MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-998MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-999MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1000MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1002MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1003MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1100MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1101MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1102MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-1103MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1104MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1105MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved Image Available
C-1106MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1107MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-1108MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1109MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1110MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1111MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-1112MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1113MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1114MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1115MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1116MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-1117MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1118MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1119MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1120MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1121MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1122MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1123MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1124MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1125MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1126MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1127MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1128MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown Image Available
C-1129MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1130MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1131MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1132MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1133MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1134MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1135MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1136MiG-21 FL Type 77 Written Off
C-1137MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1138MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1139MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1140MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1141MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1142MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1143MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1144MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1145MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1146MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1147MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1148MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1149MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1150MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1151MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1152MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1153MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1154MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1155MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1156MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1157MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1158MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1159MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1160MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1161MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1162MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1163MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1164MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1165MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1166MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1167MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1168MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1169MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1170MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1171MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1172MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1173MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1174MiG-21 FL Type 77 Unknown
C-1175MiG-21 FL Type 77 Preserved
C-1532MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1533MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1534MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1535MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1536MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1537MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1538MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1539MiG-21 M1999-05-29 Written Off
C-1540MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1541MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1542MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1543MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1544MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1545MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1546MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1547MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1548MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1549MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1550MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1551MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1552MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1553MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1554MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1555MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1556MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1557MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1558MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1559MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1560MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1561MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1562MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1563MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1564MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1565MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1566MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1567MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1568MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1569MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1570MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1571MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1572MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1573MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1574MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1575MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1576MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1577MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1578MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1579MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1580MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1581MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1582MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1583MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1584MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1585MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1586MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1587MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1588MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1589MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1590MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1591MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1592MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1593MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1594MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1595MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1596MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1597MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1598MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1599MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1600MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1601MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1602MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1603MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1604MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1605MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1606MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1607MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1608MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1609MiG-21 M1977-09-152010-03-30 Preserved
C-1610MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1611MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1612MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1613MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1614MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1615MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1616MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1617MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1618MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1619MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1620MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1621MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1622MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1623MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1624MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1625MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1626MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1627MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1628MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1629MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1630MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1631MiG-21 M2004-02-21 Written Off
C-1632MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1633MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1634MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1635MiG-21 M2004-02-18 Written Off
C-1636MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1637MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1638MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1639MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1640MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1641MiG-21 M2009-09-11 Written Off
C-1642MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1643MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1644MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1645MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1646MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1647MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1648MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1649MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1650MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1651MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1652MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1653MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1654MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1655MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1656MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1657MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1658MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1659MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1660MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1661MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1662MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1663MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1664MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1665MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1666MiG-21 M1995-06-09 Written Off
C-1667MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1668MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1669MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1670MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1671MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1672MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1673MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1674MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1675MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1676MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1677MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1678MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1679MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1680MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1681MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1682MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1683MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1684MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1685MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1686MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1687MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1688MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1689MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1690MiG-21 M Unknown
C-1691MiG-21 M Preserved
C-1474MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1476MiG-21 MF Written Off
C-1477MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1478MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1479MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1480MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1481MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1482MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1483MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1484MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1485MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1486MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1487MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1488MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1489MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1490MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1491MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1492MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1493MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1494MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1495MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1496MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1497MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1498MiG-21 MF Preserved
C-1499MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1500MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1501MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1502MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1503MiG-21 MF Preserved
C-1504MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1505MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1506MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1507MiG-21 MF Unknown
C-1531MiG-21 MF Unknown
BC-822MiG-21 PF Type 76 Preserved
BC-823MiG-21 PF Type 761965-09-06 Written Off
BC-824MiG-21 PF Type 761965-09-06 Written Off
BC-825MiG-21 PF Type 76 Unknown
BC-826MiG-21 PF Type 76 Unknown
BC-827MiG-21 PF Type 76 Preserved
U-453MiG-21 U1965-11-012006-06-02 Preserved
U-454MiG-21 U1965-11-01 Unknown
U-455MiG-21 U1965-11-01 Preserved
U-457MiG-21 U1965-11-01 Unknown
U-458MiG-21 U1965-11-01 Unknown
U-459MiG-21 U1965-11-01 Unknown
U-460MiG-21 U1965-11-01 Unknown
U-553MiG-21 U1982-10-29 Written Off
U-655MiG-21 U Unknown
U-656MiG-21 U Unknown
U-657MiG-21 U Unknown
U-658MiG-21 U2009-01-12 Preserved
U-659MiG-21 U Unknown
U-660MiG-21 U2006-06-02 Preserved
U-661MiG-21 U Unknown
U-662MiG-21 U Unknown
U-663MiG-21 U Unknown
U-664MiG-21 U Unknown
U-665MiG-21 U Unknown
U-666MiG-21 U Unknown
U-667MiG-21 U Unknown
U-668MiG-21 U Unknown
U-669MiG-21 U Unknown
U-670MiG-21 U Unknown
U-671MiG-21 U Written Off
U-672MiG-21 U Unknown
U-673MiG-21 U Unknown
U-674MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1263MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1719MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1720MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1721MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1724MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1726MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1727MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1729MiG-21 U Written Off
U-1730MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1732MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1734MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1738MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1780MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1784MiG-21 U Unknown
U-1725MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-1737MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-1739MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-1740MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2137MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2138MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2139MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2140MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2141MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2142MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2143MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2144MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2145MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2146MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2147MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2148MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2149MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2150MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2151MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2152MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2153MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2154MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2155MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2156MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2157MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2158MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2159MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2160MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2161MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2162MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2163MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2164MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2970MiG-21 UM Preserved
U-2971MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2972MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2973MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-2974MiG-21 UM Preserved
U-3001MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3002MiG-21 UM Preserved
U-3003MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3004MiG-21 UM Preserved
U-3282MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3283MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3284MiG-21 UM Written Off
U-3285MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3286MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3287MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3288MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3289MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3290MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3291MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3292MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3293MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3294MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3295MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-3296MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4001MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4002MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4003MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4004MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4005MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4006MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4007MiG-21 UM Unknown
U-4008MiG-21 UM Unknown
Note: All the data available here is publicly available in the Gazette of India, published by the Indian Government, or from public domain sources, press releases about Awards and Right-To-Information (RTI) Requests. Additionally data shared by veterans is added to the page with permission. No data with respect to serving officers below the rank of AVM is displayed. Information in Gazette of India and Award citations and photographs as released by the Indian Air Force are the only details displayed.