IAF Aircraft Database - Types, Serial Numbers, Fates

Variant Type Census Total
Douglas Dakota C-47 C-47206
Total Douglas Dakota C-47 in Database206

Serial NoVariantCons NoPrev IdTOC DateSOC DateAirframe StatusImage
BJ-389Dakota C-47 C-4714484KJ898 43-48668 Unknown
BJ-449Dakota C-47 C-4719431VT-AUQ Unknown
BJ-478Dakota C-47 C-47ufo Unknown
BJ-495Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
BJ-496Dakota C-47 C-4712494KG459 Unknown
BJ-497Dakota C-47 C-4720259VT-ATR1967-07-27 Written Off
BJ-498Dakota C-47 C-4719519VT-AUE Unknown
BJ-499Dakota C-47 C-4719151VT-AUP Unknown
BJ-616Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
BJ-617Dakota C-47 C-4713290VT-CSB Unknown
BJ-618Dakota C-47 C-4713295VT-AVT Unknown
BJ-619Dakota C-47 C-4712382VT-CNC Unknown
BJ-620Dakota C-47 C-4718906VT-AUH Unknown
BJ-621Dakota C-47 C-4712193VT-CHE Unknown
BJ-622Dakota C-47 C-4725842VT-CYF Written Off
BJ-623Dakota C-47 C-4712928VT-CGP1971-12-15 Unknown
BJ-762Dakota C-47 C-4713476RCAF994 Unknown
BJ-763Dakota C-47 C-4713160KG568 Unknown
BJ-764Dakota C-47 C-4712449KG414 Unknown
BJ-765Dakota C-47 C-4733369RCAF436 Unknown
BJ-766Dakota C-47 C-4733384KN676 Unknown
BJ-767Dakota C-47 C-4733174KN559 Unknown
BJ-912Dakota C-47 C-4727133 Unknown
BJ-913Dakota C-47 C-4733466 Unknown
BJ-920Dakota C-47 C-4713696RCAF983 Unknown
BJ-921Dakota C-47 C-4726710RCAF989 Unknown
BJ-922Dakota C-47 C-476078VT-AVS1974-09-07 Written Off
BJ-923Dakota C-47 C-4713278VT-CEN Unknown
BJ-926Dakota C-47 C-47VT-CUA1976-11-12 Written Off
BJ-1045Dakota C-47 C-4720276VT-CME Unknown
BJ-1046Dakota C-47 C-4720170VT-DDT Unknown
HJ-205Dakota C-47 C-4713714VT-ATY 42-937661947-12-20 Unknown
HJ-206Dakota C-47 C-4713829VT-CHJ KG730 43-480131947-12-20 Unknown
HJ-207Dakota C-47 C-4714030VT-CCB KG798 43-482141947-12-20 Unknown
HJ-208Dakota C-47 C-4713555VT-CHI KG688 42-936231947-12-201952-09-24 Unknown
HJ-209Dakota C-47 C-479681MA964 FD914 42-238191947-09-25 Unknown
HJ-210Dakota C-47 C-4713551MA968 KG574 42-936191947-09-251953-02-17 Unknown
HJ-211Dakota C-47 C-479324MA9631947-09-25 Unknown
HJ-212Dakota C-47 C-4713567VP917 Unknown
HJ-213Dakota C-47 C-479326VP902 Unknown
HJ-214Dakota C-47 C-4713855VP903 Unknown
HJ-215Dakota C-47 C-4712851VP905 KG469 42-92746 Unknown
HJ-216Dakota C-47 C-4713039VP910 Unknown
HJ-217Dakota C-47 C-4713163VP911 Unknown
HJ-218Dakota C-47 C-4712144VP9121965-04-13 Written Off
HJ-219Dakota C-47 C-4712157VP913 Unknown
HJ-220Dakota C-47 C-4713863VP620 Unknown
HJ-221Dakota C-47 C-479181VP921 Unknown
HJ-222Dakota C-47 C-479495VP924 Unknown
HJ-223Dakota C-47 C-4713386 Unknown
HJ-224Dakota C-47 C-479770 Unknown
HJ-225Dakota C-47 C-479690 Unknown
HJ-226Dakota C-47 C-4712927 Unknown
HJ-227Dakota C-47 C-4713585 Unknown
HJ-228Dakota C-47 C-479547 Unknown
HJ-229Dakota C-47 C-4714017 Unknown
HJ-230Dakota C-47 C-4714027 Unknown
HJ-231Dakota C-47 C-4713034 Written Off
HJ-232Dakota C-47 C-4713586 Unknown
HJ-233Dakota C-47 C-479684 Written Off
HJ-234Dakota C-47 C-4712044 Unknown
HJ-235Dakota C-47 C-479679 Written Off
HJ-236Dakota C-47 C-479315 Unknown
HJ-237Dakota C-47 C-4713589 Unknown
HJ-238Dakota C-47 C-4712480 Unknown
HJ-239Dakota C-47 C-4712023 Unknown
HJ-240Dakota C-47 C-4712022 Unknown
HJ-241Dakota C-47 C-4716797 Unknown
HJ-242Dakota C-47 C-4715644 Unknown
HJ-243Dakota C-47 C-4713860 Written Off
HJ-244Dakota C-47 C-479537 Written Off
HJ-245Dakota C-47 C-479763 Written Off
HJ-246Dakota C-47 C-479237 Unknown
HJ-247Dakota C-47 C-4713566 Unknown
HJ-248Dakota C-47 C-479309 Unknown
HJ-249Dakota C-47 C-4710219 Unknown
HJ-250Dakota C-47 C-4713281 Written Off
HJ-251Dakota C-47 C-4713190 Unknown
HJ-252Dakota C-47 C-4719863 Written Off
HJ-253Dakota C-47 C-4713187 Unknown
HJ-254Dakota C-47 C-4715135 Written Off
HJ-850Dakota C-47 C-476145 Unknown
HJ-851Dakota C-47 C-4713185 Unknown
HJ-852Dakota C-47 C-471985542-932901954-06-23 Written Off
HJ-878Dakota C-47 C-471444749-486311954-03-09 Unknown
HJ-879Dakota C-47 C-47144041983-01-08 Unknown
HJ-880Dakota C-47 C-47154591952-02-27 Written Off
HJ-882Dakota C-47 C-4719857 Unknown
HJ-883Dakota C-47 C-4720657 Unknown
HJ-884Dakota C-47 C-4720726 Unknown
HJ-885Dakota C-47 C-4715450 Unknown
HJ-905Dakota C-47 C-4713272 Unknown
HJ-906Dakota C-47 C-479239 Unknown
HJ-907Dakota C-47 C-479240 Unknown
HJ-908Dakota C-47 C-4711912FL552 Unknown
HJ-909Dakota C-47 C-4712002 Unknown
HJ-910Dakota C-47 C-479687 Unknown
HJ-911Dakota C-47 C-479764 Unknown
HJ-912Dakota C-47 C-479069 Unknown
HJ-913Dakota C-47 C-4716456 Written Off
HJ-914Dakota C-47 C-4716186 Unknown
HJ-915Dakota C-47 C-4714353 Unknown
HJ-916Dakota C-47 C-4715796 Written Off
HJ-917Dakota C-47 C-4716192 Unknown
HJ-918Dakota C-47 C-4716061 Written Off
HJ-919Dakota C-47 C-4714490 Unknown
HJ-920Dakota C-47 C-4715869 Unknown
HJ-921Dakota C-47 C-4716185 Unknown
HJ-922Dakota C-47 C-4716531 Unknown
IJ-236Dakota C-47 C-47x Unknown
IJ-237Dakota C-47 C-47x Unknown
IJ-238Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-239Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-240Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-241Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-242Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-243Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-244Dakota C-47 C-47 Written Off
IJ-245Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-246Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-247Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-248Dakota C-47 C-47x Unknown
IJ-249Dakota C-47 C-47x Unknown
IJ-292Dakota C-47 C-47 Written Off
IJ-293Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-294Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-295Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-296Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-297Dakota C-47 C-47 Written Off
IJ-298Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-299Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-300Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-301Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-302Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-303Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-304Dakota C-47 C-47 Written Off
IJ-305Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-306Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-326Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-341Dakota C-47 C-47 Written Off
IJ-385Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-386Dakota C-47 C-47 Written Off
IJ-387Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-388Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-389Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-390Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-391Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
IJ-392Dakota C-47 C-474243 Unknown
IJ-393Dakota C-47 C-479070 Unknown
IJ-394Dakota C-47 C-476174 Unknown
IJ-395Dakota C-47 C-4719155 Unknown
IJ-396Dakota C-47 C-4718910 Unknown
IJ-397Dakota C-47 C-4713627 Unknown
IJ-398Dakota C-47 C-479824 Unknown
IJ-399Dakota C-47 C-474796 Unknown
IJ-400Dakota C-47 C-4716392 Unknown
IJ-401Dakota C-47 C-4712142 Unknown
IJ-817Dakota C-47 C-4714018 Unknown
IJ-818Dakota C-47 C-47132981975-02-04 Written Off
IJ-819Dakota C-47 C-479767 Unknown
IJ-820Dakota C-47 C-47191171969-02-21 Written Off
IJ-821Dakota C-47 C-4790721957-02-08 Written Off
IJ-822Dakota C-47 C-474242 Unknown
IJ-937Dakota C-47 C-47x Unknown
IJ-987Dakota C-47 C-47x Unknown
J-204Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-970Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-971Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-972Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-973Dakota C-47 C-4720792VT-CQL Unknown
J-974Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-975Dakota C-47 C-4720289VT-AUS1975-05-19 Unknown
J-976Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-977Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
J-978Dakota C-47 C-4713380VT-CHH Unknown
J-979Dakota C-47 C-47 Unknown
MA-963Dakota C-47 C-479324FD8571947-09-27 Unknown
MA-965Dakota C-47 C-471947-09-271947-10-31 Unknown
MA-966Dakota C-47 C-4713588KG7211947-09-27 Unknown
MA-968Dakota C-47 C-4713551KG6841947-09-27 Unknown
VP-901Dakota C-47 C-4712258FZ6731947-09-27 Unknown
VP-902Dakota C-47 C-479326FD8581947-09-27 Unknown
VP-903Dakota C-47 C-4725300KG7561947-09-27 Unknown
VP-904Dakota C-47 C-4712817KG4961947-09-27 Unknown
VP-905Dakota C-47 C-4712581KG4691947-09-27 Unknown
VP-906Dakota C-47 C-4712498KG4631947-09-27 Exported
VP-907Dakota C-47 C-4712499KG464 1947-09-27 Exported
VP-908Dakota C-47 C-4712813KG4921947-09-27 Exported
VP-909Dakota C-47 C-4713024KG5411947-09-27 Unknown
VP-910Dakota C-47 C-4713039KG5561947-09-27 Unknown
VP-911Dakota C-47 C-4713163KG5711947-09-27 Unknown
VP-912Dakota C-47 C-4712144FZ5891947-09-27 Unknown
VP-913Dakota C-47 C-4712157FZ6021947-09-27 Unknown
VP-914Dakota C-47 C-4712183FZ627 1947-09-271948-03-21 Unknown
VP-915Dakota C-47 C-4713549KG6821947-09-27 Unknown
VP-916Dakota C-47 C-4713566KG6991947-09-27 Unknown
VP-917Dakota C-47 C-4713567KG7001947-09-27 Unknown
VP-918Dakota C-47 C-4713568KG7011947-09-27 Exported
VP-919Dakota C-47 C-4725305KG7611947-09-27 Unknown
VP-920Dakota C-47 C-4725308KG7641947-09-27 Unknown
VP-921Dakota C-47 C-479181FD8191947-09-27 Unknown
VP-922Dakota C-47 C-479237FD8311947-09-27 Unknown
VP-923Dakota C-47 C-479309FD8411947-09-27 Unknown
VP-924Dakota C-47 C-479495FD8771947-09-27 Unknown
VP-925Dakota C-47 C-479537FD8851947-09-27 Unknown
VP-926Dakota C-47 C-479763FD9301947-09-27 Unknown
Note: All the data available here is publicly available in the Gazette of India, published by the Indian Government, or from public domain sources, including press releases about Awards. No data with respect to serving officers below the rank of AVM is displayed. Information in Gazette of India and Award citations and photographs as released by the Indian Air Force are the only details displayed.