IAF Aircraft Database - Types, Serial Numbers, Fates

Variant Type Census Total
Hawker Tempest II II226
Total Hawker Tempest II in Database226

Serial NoVariantCons NoPrev IdTOC DateSOC DateAirframe StatusImage
HA-255Tempest II II Unknown
HA-256Tempest II II Unknown
HA-257Tempest II II Unknown
HA-258Tempest II II Unknown
HA-259Tempest II II Unknown
HA-260Tempest II II Unknown
HA-261Tempest II II Unknown
HA-262Tempest II II Unknown
HA-263Tempest II II Unknown
HA-264Tempest II II Unknown
HA-265Tempest II II Unknown
HA-266Tempest II II Unknown
HA-267Tempest II II Unknown
HA-356Tempest II II Unknown
HA-363Tempest II II1948-10-03 Written Off
HA-372Tempest II II Unknown
HA-373Tempest II II Unknown
HA-374Tempest II II Unknown
HA-375Tempest II II Unknown
HA-376Tempest II II Unknown
HA-377Tempest II II Unknown
HA-378Tempest II II Unknown
HA-379Tempest II II Unknown
HA-380Tempest II II Unknown
HA-381Tempest II II Unknown
HA-382Tempest II II Unknown
HA-383Tempest II II Unknown
HA-384Tempest II II Unknown
HA-385Tempest II II Unknown
HA-386Tempest II II Unknown
HA-387Tempest II II Unknown
HA-388Tempest II II Unknown
HA-389Tempest II II Unknown
HA-390Tempest II II Unknown
HA-391Tempest II II Unknown
HA-392Tempest II II Unknown
HA-393Tempest II II Unknown
HA-394Tempest II II Unknown
HA-395Tempest II II Unknown
HA-396Tempest II II Unknown
HA-397Tempest II II Unknown
HA-398Tempest II II Unknown
HA-399Tempest II II Unknown
HA-400Tempest II II Preserved
HA-401Tempest II II Unknown
HA-402Tempest II II Unknown
HA-403Tempest II II Unknown
HA-404Tempest II II Unknown
HA-405Tempest II II Unknown
HA-406Tempest II II Unknown
HA-407Tempest II II Unknown
HA-408Tempest II II Unknown
HA-409Tempest II II Unknown
HA-410Tempest II II Unknown
HA-411Tempest II II1948-09-12 Written Off
HA-412Tempest II II Unknown
HA-413Tempest II II Unknown
HA-414Tempest II II Unknown
HA-415Tempest II II Unknown
HA-416Tempest II II1948-11-05 Written Off
HA-417Tempest II II Unknown
HA-418Tempest II II Unknown
HA-419Tempest II II Unknown
HA-420Tempest II II Unknown
HA-421Tempest II II Unknown
HA-422Tempest II II Unknown
HA-423Tempest II II Unknown
HA-424Tempest II II Unknown
HA-425Tempest II II Unknown
HA-426Tempest II II Unknown Image Available
HA-427Tempest II II Unknown
HA-428Tempest II II Unknown
HA-429Tempest II II Unknown
HA-430Tempest II II Unknown
HA-431Tempest II II1948-08-08 Written Off
HA-432Tempest II II Unknown
HA-433Tempest II II Unknown
HA-434Tempest II II Unknown
HA-435Tempest II II Unknown
HA-436Tempest II II Unknown
HA-437Tempest II II Unknown
HA-438Tempest II II Unknown
HA-439Tempest II II Unknown
HA-440Tempest II II Unknown
HA-441Tempest II II Unknown
HA-442Tempest II II Unknown
HA-443Tempest II II Unknown
HA-444Tempest II II Unknown
HA-445Tempest II II Unknown
HA-446Tempest II II Unknown
HA-447Tempest II II Unknown
HA-448Tempest II II Unknown
HA-449Tempest II II Unknown
HA-450Tempest II II Unknown
HA-451Tempest II II Unknown
HA-452Tempest II II Unknown
HA-453Tempest II II Unknown
HA-454Tempest II II Unknown
HA-455Tempest II II Unknown
HA-456Tempest II II Unknown
HA-457Tempest II IIPR536 Preserved
HA-458Tempest II II Unknown
HA-459Tempest II II Unknown
HA-460Tempest II II Unknown
HA-461Tempest II II Unknown
HA-462Tempest II II Unknown
HA-463Tempest II II Unknown
HA-464Tempest II II Unknown Image Available
HA-465Tempest II II Unknown
HA-466Tempest II II Unknown
HA-467Tempest II II Unknown
HA-468Tempest II II Unknown
HA-469Tempest II II Unknown
HA-470Tempest II II Unknown
HA-471Tempest II II Unknown
HA-472Tempest II II Unknown
HA-473Tempest II II Unknown
HA-474Tempest II II Unknown
HA-475Tempest II II Unknown
HA-476Tempest II II Unknown
HA-477Tempest II II Unknown
HA-478Tempest II II Unknown
HA-479Tempest II II Unknown
HA-480Tempest II II Unknown
HA-481Tempest II II Unknown
HA-482Tempest II II Unknown
HA-547Tempest II IIPR8741948-06-01 Unknown
HA-548Tempest II IIPR9071948-06-01 Unknown
HA-549Tempest II IIPR8931948-06-01 Unknown
HA-550Tempest II IIPR9021948-06-01 Written Off
HA-551Tempest II IIPR8691948-06-01 Unknown
HA-552Tempest II IIPR8901948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-553Tempest II II12186MW3851948-06-01 Unknown
HA-554Tempest II IIMW7641948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-555Tempest II IIMW7511948-06-01 Unknown
HA-556Tempest II IIMW8311948-06-01 Unknown
HA-557Tempest II II12205MW4041948-06-01 Preserved
HA-558Tempest II IIMW8541948-06-01 Unknown
HA-559Tempest II IIMW8471948-06-01 Scrapped Image Available
HA-560Tempest II IIMW8511948-06-01 Unknown
HA-561Tempest II IIMW7431948-06-01 Unknown
HA-562Tempest II IIMW7701948-06-01 Unknown
HA-563Tempest II IIMW8081948-06-01 Unknown
HA-564Tempest II II12177MW3761948-06-01 Preserved
HA-565Tempest II IIMW7481948-06-01 Unknown
HA-566Tempest II IIMW7421948-06-01 Unknown
HA-567Tempest II IIMW7601948-06-01 Unknown
HA-568Tempest II II12178MW3771948-06-01 Unknown
HA-569Tempest II IIMW8171948-06-01 Unknown
HA-570Tempest II IIMW8071948-06-01 Unknown
HA-571Tempest II IIMW8191948-06-01 Unknown
HA-572Tempest II IIMW8241948-06-01 Unknown
HA-573Tempest II IIMW7611948-06-01 Unknown
HA-574Tempest II IIMW7391948-06-01 Unknown
HA-575Tempest II II12204MW4031948-06-01 Unknown
HA-576Tempest II IIMW8531948-06-01 Unknown
HA-577Tempest II IIMW7731948-06-01 Unknown
HA-578Tempest II IIMW8301948-06-01 Unknown
HA-579Tempest II IIMW7771948-06-01 Unknown
HA-580Tempest II IIMW7581948-06-01 Unknown
HA-581Tempest II II12203MW4021948-06-01 Unknown
HA-582Tempest II IIMW8561948-06-01 Unknown
HA-583Tempest II IIMW8231948-06-01 Unknown
HA-584Tempest II IIMW7521948-06-01 Unknown
HA-585Tempest II II12193MW3921948-06-01 Unknown
HA-586Tempest II IIMW7631948-06-01 Preserved
HA-587Tempest II IIMW7451948-06-01 Unknown
HA-588Tempest II II12199MW3981948-06-01 Unknown
HA-589Tempest II II12196MW3951948-06-01 Unknown
HA-590Tempest II II12183MW3821948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-591Tempest II IIMW8101948-06-01 Unknown
HA-592Tempest II II12188MW3871948-06-01 Unknown
HA-593Tempest II IIMW8501948-06-01 Unknown
HA-594Tempest II IIMW7621948-06-01 Unknown
HA-595Tempest II II12187MW3861948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-596Tempest II II12197MW3961948-06-011952-10-28 Written Off
HA-597Tempest II IIMW7541948-06-01 Unknown
HA-598Tempest II IIMW8091948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-599Tempest II IIMW8221948-06-01 Unknown
HA-600Tempest II IIMW7461948-06-01 Unknown
HA-601Tempest II IIMW7501948-06-01 Unknown
HA-602Tempest II IIMW7591948-06-01 Unknown
HA-603Tempest II IIMW7931948-06-01 Unknown
HA-604Tempest II II12202MW4011948-06-01 Unknown
HA-605Tempest II IIMW8141948-06-01 Unknown
HA-606Tempest II IIMW7961948-06-01 Unknown
HA-607Tempest II IIMW7751948-06-01 Unknown
HA-608Tempest II IIMW7951948-06-01 Unknown
HA-609Tempest II IIMW7681948-06-01 Unknown
HA-610Tempest II IIMW7971948-06-01 Unknown
HA-611Tempest II II12198MW3971948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-612Tempest II IIMW8291948-06-01 Unknown
HA-613Tempest II II12201MW4001948-06-01 Unknown
HA-614Tempest II IIMW7911948-06-01 Unknown
HA-615Tempest II IIMW7691948-06-01 Unknown
HA-616Tempest II IIMW7561948-06-01 Unknown
HA-617Tempest II IIPR5251948-06-01 Unknown
HA-618Tempest II IIMW8551948-06-01 Unknown
HA-619Tempest II IIMW8521948-06-01 Unknown
HA-620Tempest II II12191MW3901948-06-01 Unknown
HA-621Tempest II IIMW8281948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-622Tempest II IIMW7411948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
HA-623Tempest II IIMW8481948-06-01 Preserved Image Available
HA-624Tempest II IIMW7671948-06-01 Unknown
HA-625Tempest II II12190MW3891948-06-01 Unknown
HA-626Tempest II II12192MW3911948-06-01 Unknown
HA-627Tempest II II12179MW3781948-06-01 Unknown
HA-628Tempest II II12181MW3801948-06-01 Unknown
HA-629Tempest II IIMW7711948-06-01 Unknown
HA-630Tempest II II12182MW3811948-06-01 Unknown
HA-631Tempest II II12184MW3831948-06-01 Unknown
HA-632Tempest II II12180MW3791948-06-01 Unknown
HA-633Tempest II II12200MW3991948-06-01 Unknown
HA-634Tempest II II12194MW3931948-06-01 Unknown
HA-635Tempest II II12189MW3881948-06-01 Unknown Image Available
MW-413Tempest II IIMW4131947-09-25 Unknown
MW-414Tempest II IIMW4141947-09-25 Unknown Image Available
MW-419Tempest II IIMW4191947-09-25 Unknown
PR-597Tempest II IIPR5971947-09-251948-03-16 Written Off
PR-598Tempest II IIPR5981947-09-25 Unknown
PR-601Tempest II IIPR6011947-09-251948-05-12 Written Off
PR-609Tempest II IIPR6091947-09-25 Unknown
PR-620Tempest II IIPR6201947-09-25 Unknown
PR-660Tempest II IIPR6601947-09-251948-03-22 Written Off
PR-837Tempest II IIPR8371947-09-251947-11-11 Written Off
PR-863Tempest II IIPR8631947-09-25 Unknown
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