IAF Aircraft Database - Types, Serial Numbers, Fates

Variant Type Census Total
Auster Auster AOP-9 AOP.66
Auster Auster AOP-9 AOP.935
Auster Auster AOP-9 10
Total Auster Auster AOP-9 in Database51

Serial NoVariantCons NoPrev IdTOC DateSOC DateAirframe StatusImage
IN-755Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-756Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-757Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-758Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-759Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-760Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-761Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-762Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-763Auster AOP-9 Unknown
IN-764Auster AOP-9 Unknown
HN-286Auster AOP-9 AOP.6 Unknown
HN-287Auster AOP-9 AOP.6 Unknown
HN-288Auster AOP-9 AOP.6 Unknown
HN-289Auster AOP-9 AOP.6 Unknown
HN-290Auster AOP-9 AOP.6 Unknown
IN-959Auster AOP-9 AOP.6 TJ268 Unknown
IN-1279Auster AOP-9 AOP.93422 Unknown
IN-1280Auster AOP-9 AOP.93423 Unknown
IN-1281Auster AOP-9 AOP.93424 Unknown
IN-1282Auster AOP-9 AOP.93425 Unknown
IN-1283Auster AOP-9 AOP.93426 Unknown
IN-1284Auster AOP-9 AOP.93427 Unknown
IN-1285Auster AOP-9 AOP.93428 Unknown
IN-1286Auster AOP-9 AOP.93429 Unknown
IN-1287Auster AOP-9 AOP.93430 Unknown
IN-1288Auster AOP-9 AOP.93431 Unknown
IN-1659Auster AOP-9 AOP.93432 Unknown
IN-1660Auster AOP-9 AOP.93433 Unknown
IN-1661Auster AOP-9 AOP.93434 Unknown
IN-1662Auster AOP-9 AOP.93435 Unknown
IN-1663Auster AOP-9 AOP.93436 Unknown
IN-1664Auster AOP-9 AOP.93437 Unknown
IN-1665Auster AOP-9 AOP.93438 Unknown
IN-1666Auster AOP-9 AOP.93439 Unknown
IN-1667Auster AOP-9 AOP.93440 Unknown
IN-1668Auster AOP-9 AOP.93441 Unknown
IN-1669Auster AOP-9 AOP.93442 Unknown
IN-1670Auster AOP-9 AOP.93443 Unknown
IN-1671Auster AOP-9 AOP.93444 Unknown
IN-1672Auster AOP-9 AOP.93445 Unknown
IN-1673Auster AOP-9 AOP.93446 Unknown
IN-1674Auster AOP-9 AOP.93447 Unknown
IN-1675Auster AOP-9 AOP.93448 Unknown
IN-1676Auster AOP-9 AOP.93449 Unknown
IN-1677Auster AOP-9 AOP.93450 Unknown
IN-1678Auster AOP-9 AOP.93451 Unknown
IN-1679Auster AOP-9 AOP.93452 Unknown
IN-1680Auster AOP-9 AOP.93453 Unknown
IN-1681Auster AOP-9 AOP.93454 Unknown
IN-1682Auster AOP-9 AOP.93455 Unknown
IN-1683Auster AOP-9 AOP.93456 Unknown
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