Date of Crash  04 Nov 77 Aircraft Type  Tupolev-124
Serial Number  V-643 Unit  HQ
Pilot details Wg Cdr C J Lima*
Sqn Ldr Cyriac Mathew*
Short Text  Cr at Guwahati 5 Killed Tekalgaon village
Air Force Crew killed :
Wg Cdr Clarence Joseph D'Lima 5870 F(P) Pilot
Wg Cdr Joginder Singh 5773 F(N) Navigator
Sqn Ldr V V S N M Sunkara 8015 AE(M) Flight Engineer
Sqn Ldr Mathew Syriac 9518 F(P) Co-Pilot
Flt Lt O P Arora 1477? AE(L) Flight Engineer
Air Force Personnel Survived:
Sqn Ldr A J Singh
Flt Lt P K Ravindran (awarded Shaurya Chakra)
Sgt R H Iyer
Sgt L Rai
Cpl Upadhyay (awarded Shaurya Chakra)
Cpl D C Joya
Shri Morarji Desai, Prime Minister of India
Shri Prem Thungon , Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh
Shri John Lobo, Jt Dir Intelligence Bureau
Shri M L Jaidka, Security Officer
Shri Kanti Lal Desai, Politician (PM's son)
Shri Narayan Desai, Politician (Sarvodaya Leader)
Shri M L Kampani, Home Ministry Official
N V R Swami, Staff Correspondent Samachar
Govindan Kutty, All India Radio
Silver       jubilee of a supreme sacrifice!
For Indian Air Force's       elite Communication Squadron, which has some of the best pilots, the       supreme sacrifice made by five pilots exactly 25 years back in saving the       life of the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai contiunes to be an       inspiration.
Wing Commander Clarence       D'Lima,
      Wing Commander Joginder Singh,
      Squadron Leader Mathew Cyriac,
      Squadron Leader V V S Sankar
      Flight Lieutenant O P Arora
sacrificed their lives on       November 4, 1977 to save Morarji Desai.
When the Tu 124 jet, V       643 Pushpak, crash landed at Jorhat in Assam some two-and-a-hours after       taking off at 5.03 P.M. from Palam Air Force station, the five pilots had       ensured that all the passengers escaped with mere bruises and scratches       without caring for their lives. The five skilled fliers nose landed the       aircraft in a paddy field in Tetlagon village wherein the cockpit took the       maximum impact leaving the rear part safe.
Desai left for Jorhat       that Friday on a six-day tour of the North-East accompanied by Arunachal       Pradesh Chief Minister P K Thungon, Intelligence Bureau Director John Lobo       and his son Kantilal Desai.
"The ATC's last       message at 7.42 P.M. showed the Tu-124 almost in line with the runway. The       plane had descended to dangerously low levels, with the result that it hit       trees as it approached the runway," reported the court of inquiry       headed by Air Marshall D Subaiah, which went into the reasons of the crash.       "The aircraft did not land at first as it was slightly high and not       fully aligned with the runway and in the second approach the pilot planned       to carry out a 'timed circuit' landing," it said.

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