Date of Crash  06 Oct 41 Aircraft Type  Audax (India)
Serial Number  K4861 Unit  2
Pilot details Fg Offr Arjan Singh
Short Text  1s 2s dam by ground fire and hit boulder landing i
Details  dam by ground fire and hit boulder landing in river bed near Miramshah 6-10-41 - SOC as DBR "in 1940, my Hawker Audax was shot down in the NWF by the Pathans. They used to capture arms, machine guns and so on from British troops. Indian soldiers would rather die than give up their arms. Crash-landing I crashed in a dry stream, a bit like the Ghaggar near Chandigarh, between two hills in which there was a fight going on between the British troops, on one side, and the Pathans, on the other. My gunner, Gulam Ali, a very good man, was injured in the crash. I stayed on with him till he could be evacuated. I am still in touch with him. Gulam Ali lives in Germany now. But it was not much, within two weeks I was flying again — in the same area."

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