IAF, IA and IN Aircraft Losses Database

1945 : 94

A total of 94 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
06 Jan 45 Hurricane IIc Sqn Ldr Prithpal Singh*
Click to View Record 3 Dived into ground at Kohat durnig trng flt
07 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV663 Fg Offr Kuldip Singh Thandi
Click to View Record 8 hit by MD332 while taxying after landing Cat E
11 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV646 Flt Lt D E Colebroke RAF
8 Inadvertant wheels up landing at 'George' Nidanai
11 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc MD343 Plt Offr E Artus RAF
8 heavy landing downwind at George Airstrip, Nidania
13 Jan 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Jagjit Singh*
IAF Disp F Mid air collision.
13 Jan 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Ishwar Dass*
IAF Disp F Mid air collision.
15 Jan 45 Spitfire Vc MA364 Flt Lt Hrushikesh Moolgavkar
Click to View Record 4 engine failed onTO from beach strip, landed wheels
17 Feb 45 Hurricane IIc Wg Cdr Karun Krishna Majumdar DFC* *
Click to View Record IAF Disp F Dived into Ground
26 Feb 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Cecil Owen St Vincent Norris*
1 Pt FL aircraft, died of wounds on 27th
01 Mar 45 Hurricane II
3 Cr on Elizabeth island between Ramree and Akyab.
01 Mar 45 Spitfire VIIIc JF778
8 engine cut, undershot runway, forced landing. acwo
06 Mar 45 Spitfire VIIIc MT967
Crashed unk unit
25 Mar 45 Spitfire VIIIc JF625 Plt Offr S Banerji
Click to View Record 8 engine failure at 8000 feet, forcelanding in openc
01 Apr 45 Spitfire XIVe Fg Offr S M Zahid*
8 missing from ops in Kyaukpyu area
03 Apr 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Prem Sagar Gupta DFC*
Click to View Record 1 Cr near Kumbhirgham
14 Apr 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Jagdish Singh Kochar*
7 Cr at XXX III Corps HQ at Pagan
28 Apr 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Bola Ramesh Rao*
Click to View Record 7 Ran into wiretrap over Irrawadi.
30 Apr 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Narayan Shamu Prasad*
Click to View Record 7 SD by GF at Allanmyo, Cr in Irrawady
03 May 45 Hurricane Iic Plt Offr David Smith Greenhorn
151OTU Cr at Peshawar - Spun in during Air To Air sortie
11 May 45 Hurricane IIC HV301
1SFTS Student pilot forgot to lower undercarraige by mis
15 May 45 Hurricane IIc Fg Offr Dorab Maneckshaw Engineer*
7 Dam by GF at Henzada, Cr while BL
15 May 45 Spitfire Vc JL768
22AACU DrighRoad, ac caught fire during engine test run o
16 May 45 Hurricane IID KW881
Pilot on Aerobatics sortie, went into spin , bo
19 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE994
9 Ranchi - Roof of hangar collapsed in storm, dam a
19 May 45 Hurricane IV LD236
Ambala - Pilot made heavy landig u/c collapse
20 May 45 Hurricane IIC LD680
FTR from sortie, Pilot was rescued by sampan
21 May 45 Hurricane IIC HV796 P/O Masum Ali Vazir*
FTR from Tactical Recce Sortie over Burma
22 May 45 Tigermoth II DG455 Plt Offr D C Owens RAF
1EFTS Cr near Golconda 6 m SW of Begumpet
23 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE503 P/O Aubrey Archibald Martinnant*
Click to View Record 151OTU ac went into high speed stall and mushed into grou
24 May 45 Hurricane IIB HW668
Karnal - pilot made a precautionary landing after
27 May 45 Spitfire VIIIc JG478 Flt Lt D M Finn RAF
4 Night flying, unable to locate a/f , landed on roa
28 May 45 Hurricane IIC LE127 P/O Alex Paul Daniell*
Click to View Record 151OTU Pilot on range fireing near peshawar, flew too clo
28 May 45 Spitfire VIIIc MT966
4 Crashed
31 May 45 Vengeance II AN921
22AACU Drigh Road - ac did not take off pilot retracted u
02 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LB800
3RIAF St Thomas Mount - Pilot told to go around during l
04 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LD414 F/O Khemendra Nath Kak*
Click to View Record 1 Crashed during auth aerobatic sortie - during slow
06 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LE958 F/O V Srihari
Click to View Record 151OTU ac caught fire at 9000ft, pilot baled out at 3000f
10 Jun 45 Spitfire VIIIc JG171 Plt Offr John Jasper Bouche
Click to View Record 8 Overshot landing without flaps, ran into ditch, uc
11 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC HL865
151OTU Peshawar, ac blown off the rundwway by strong gust
11 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT840
Ranchi - ac FL affter engine failed at 5000 ft
15 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MT740
9 Hmawbi - forclanded in bad weather
16 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC LB892
55m w of ambala - fuel starvation at low level dur
18 Jun 45 Spitfire VIII MD331 P/O Yeshwant Ramachandra Agtey
Click to View Record Yelahanka - eng failure on takeoff pilot crashland
22 Jun 45 Hurricane Iic LE461 WO L F A Closs* RAF
22AACU 40m SE of Poona - ac stuck ground during unauth ae
25 Jun 45 Hurricane IIC BN563
St Thomas Mount - Stbd tyr burst, wheels up landin
28 Jun 45 Spitfire XIVe ?? Plt Offr Rodney Godfrey Buchanan*
4 Cr in Air to ground firing range
30 Jun 45 Defiant TT II AA398
22AACU Ambala - port tyre burst on TO , uc collapse
03 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LF158
151OTU Peshawar, Pilot undertook a sucessful landing afte
09 Jul 45 Spitfire VIIIc JF764 Plt Offr S K Kaul
151OTU retd RAF Crashed
10 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LD945
151OTU Peshawar - Pilot stuck tree during diving attack a

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