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1942 : 86

A total of 86 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
16 Jan 42 Lysander II P1675 Plt Offr H S Ratnagar
Click to View Record 1 Peshawar Swung on landing ran off strip Undercarra
16 Jan 42 Lysander II R2033 Plt Offr C Satyanarayana
Click to View Record 1 Peshawar Swung on landing ran off strip Undercarra
20 Jan 42 Blenheim I L4912
3CDF Dam in Air Raid on Moulmein AC dest by crew
26 Jan 42 Leopard Moth DD818
1FTS Ambala - Landing normally swung on U/c collapse Pi
27 Jan 42 Audax (India) K3097 Fg Offr B S Dugal
1SFTS Overturned in FL 1m SW of Thanasar 27-1-42
31 Jan 42 Audax (India) K4849 Plt Offr O P Mehra
Click to View Record 3 Cr on L at Miranshah, Gunner Sgt Muralidhar
02 Feb 42Beaufort B AW253 Plt Offr Mehdi Khan*
86 RAF Cr in sea off france after hit by marine AA
08 Feb 42 Lysander II L4740 Plt Offr F P Amber
2 Landed and overturned after hitting drain
09 Feb 42 Tigermoth II R5121 Plt Offr M J Mangalraj
Plt Offr A S P Jaipal
1SFTS spun in from 600ft. Pilots injured but safe. 1 gir
11 Feb 42 Tigermoth VT-AQT Offr Cdt Redi
1EFTS damaged ac struck tree middle of secunderabad
12 Feb 42 Lysander I Flt Lt Niranjan Prasad
Click to View Record 1 Baled out after being hitby our own AA fire
15 Feb 42 Lysander I P9120 Plt Offr Yeshwant Vinayak Malse
Click to View Record 1 DNE Ac destroyed in Jap Raid on Magwe
20 Feb 42 Wapiti IIA K1308 Plt Offr Arora
Plt Offr Sandhu
5CDF Ditched in Sea of Cochin, P/O Sandhu OK
21 Feb 42 Blenheim I L4915
3CDF Dest by Jap air raid on Bassien
23 Feb 42 Lysander I Fg Offr Jatain Kumar Deuskar
Sgt Kameshwara Dhora*
Click to View Record 1 ac flipped over on landing, Gunner Sgt K Dhora K
01 Mar 42 Audax (India) K4843 Plt Offr V K Reddy
3 Cr on L at Kohat, overturned
03 Mar 42 Lysander II L4748 Plt Offr K H Motishaw
Sgt Algar RAF*
2 landed at Drighroad, 20lb bomb blew up killing gnr
04 Mar 42 Blenheim I L8448 Flt Lt Hem Chaudhury
Click to View Record 3CDF Ditched off Cox Bazar
10 Mar 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-ANC Offr Cdt Goharbans Singh
1EFTS Stalled and crashed during turning at Begumpet
16 Mar 42 Wapiti IIA K1286 Plt Offr J C Verma
Click to View Record 1AACU 1 AACF hit by Lysander N1209 of 2 Sq at DR 16-3-42
16 Mar 42 Wapiti IIA K1270 Plt Offr M M Sakhare
Click to View Record 4CDF uc collapsed on hvy ldg 16-3-42SOC 6 Apr 42
16 Mar 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-ANF Flt Cdt Ronald Eian MacKenzie*
Fg Offr D J A Fletcher RAF*
1EFTS Broken Prop caused engine failure 1 m N of Libkagu
17 Mar 42 Hart (India) K3921
1SFTS overshot landing and hit concrete pillar Ambala 17
19 Mar 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AMQ Plt Offr Raza Ullah Khan*
Offr Cdt S A Aziz
Click to View Record 1EFTS collided with VT-ANA over Yarragadda at Begumpet C
25 Mar 42 Wapiti IIA K2277 Flt Lt D L Small RAF
Plt Offr Mukerjee
4CDF Bulsherry Island - Diamond Harbour Obs Plt Offr Mu
28 Mar 42 Wapiti V J9742 Plt Offr M M Sakhare
Click to View Record 4CDF Heavy Landing at Satt airfield called Dunshaw
06 Apr 42 Atlanta AW15 DG454
3CDF Crashed in Sunderbans VT-AEG Dest by fire
07 Apr 42 Hart (India) K2125
1SFTS eng cut cr l and hit drain 2m E of Ambala 7-4-42
09 Apr 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AND Offr Cdt Gopalkrishna
1EFTS tried to avoid boundary fence at begumpet, and fai
21 Apr 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AMT Offr Cdt S Gade
1EFTS undershot runway at Begumpet and cr into fence.
30 Apr 42 Audax (India) K5142
1SFTS 6CDF 1 SFTS hit tree on appraoch and uc collapse A
02 May 42 Hart (India) K2089
1ATU ATU stalled and DiG 3m SW Peshawar 2-5-42 1 kille
02 May 42 Hart (India) K2090
1SFTS MAC Audax 3098 during takeoff Amblaa 2-5-42
07 May 42 Tigermoth DH82 VT-AMN Flt Cdt Shyam Sunder Nath Dar*
Plt Offr Dara Phirozshah Majoo*
Click to View Record 1EFTS Struck palm tree 1 mile N of Begumpet during LL Fl
13 May 42 Audax (India) K4848
3 3s uc collapse in FL Miranshan 13-5-42
14 May 42 Audax (India) K8319 Plt Offr Murkot Ramunny
Click to View Record 1SFTS DNE - Ambala - ground collision with another Audax
20 May 42 Wapiti IIA K1271 Plt Offr M L Mishra
Click to View Record 1ATU 1SFTS ATU Cr on ldg Peshawara 20-5-42
20 May 42 Hart (India) K2123 Plt Offr Noor Mohamad Moosaboy Sheriff*
1CDF Spun into Sea off Chamberanab, P/O S S Bali K
20 May 42 Audax (India) K5569
6CDF 6CDF hit by J 9496 20-5-42 Drigh Road
20 May 42 Audax (India) K7529
1SFTS DiG at night Sitapur 8m NW of Ambala 20-5-42 1 kil
23 May 42 Hart (India) K2126
1ATU uc collapse on ldg at Peshawar 23-5-42
25 May 42 Hart (India) K2119
1SFTS blown away in dust storm at Ambala 25-5-42
28 May 42 Wapiti IIA K1291 Plt Offr G E Sequira
5CDF ran into soft ground and tipped up Cochin 28-5-42
01 Jun 42 Audax (India) K7336 Plt Offr Khan
1SFTS uccollapse Heavy ldg ambala 1-6-42 ROS
02 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5571 Plt Offr Ameer Qamaruzzaman
Plt Offr Trilochan Singh*
1SFTS 2s hit tree rec fromdive 5m NE of Ambala 2-6-42 1
02 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5572
1AGS(I) 1s 1AGS hit tree rec from dive 2-6-42 ROS
06 Jun 42 Audax (India) K5589 Plt Offr K M David
Click to View Record 1SFTS tax into K8319 Ambala 14-5-42 , Uc Collapse in H
07 Jun 42 Audax (India) K4857 Plt Offr I N Shiv Puri
Click to View Record 1SFTS 1s 2s caught fire while parked Ambala 7-6-42
08 Jun 42 Hart (India) K2113 - -
1SFTS PT-B dam 8-6-42 SOC 44 ac tipped over during main
09 Jun 42 Wapiti IIA K1254 Plt Offr Francis Mousinho*
Plt Offr Lakshman Sarup*
5CDF Lost at Sea , Plt Offr Francis Mousinho MIA

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