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A total of 71 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
18 Aug 43 Vengeance AN801
8 Sqn Cr Thuna Range, Bhopal. Crew escaped with minor in
21 Sep 43 Vengeance II AN719
8 Sqn 43/8, Engine cut fuel problems, FL near Chharra, D
28 Dec 43 Vengeance EZ894 Sgt Walter Herbert ROGERS
Fg Offr Frank WOODMANSEY +
8 Sqn Took off at 1000 hrs for dive bombing practice. FT
04 Feb 44 Vengeance Sgt Fotheringham
8 Sqn Crashed during take off due to dust. Ac WO
11 Feb 44 Vengeance II AN687
8 Sqn Failed to take off ground looped and UC torn off
24 Feb 44 Vengeance EZ993 Plt Offr Joseph Dennis O'LEARY
W/O Stewart Mosby
8 Sqn Returned from sortie with engine trouble and crash
19 Mar 44 Vengeance II AN730 Fg Offr Chuckerbutty
8 Sqn Broke off formation as smoke and oilopoured out. A
02 Apr 44 Vengeance AN837 Fg Offr Everett Embert ETTINGER
Flt Sgt Steele
8 Sqn Baled out at 1130 hours on drome as u/c hydraulics
11 Apr 44 Vengeance II AN727 Sgt Fotheringham
8 Sqn Failed to take off - insufficent power. Ac write o
15 Apr 44 Vengeance W/O Lamb
8 Sqn Failed to take off in P run. Ac write of. Crew saf
04 May 44 Vengeance II AN736
8 Sqn Swung on take off, hit ditch uc collapse Mambur
09 May 44 Vengeance II AN646
8 Sqn Hit bump on TO, uc raised to stop at Mambur
16 May 44 Vengeance II AN618 Fg Offr Hazen Edward Dougherty +
Sgt A M Khan +
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Failed to pull out of Dive in Baguna Area. The haz
17 May 44 Vengeance II AN663
8 Sqn [AB]Tyre burst on take off, swung into ditch and u
11 Jun 44 Vengeance Fg Offr Aziz
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Pranged ac ferrying it from126 RSU to a back area
29 Jun 44 Vengeance III FB967
8 Sqn Hit steamroller while landing at Cox's Bazaar, Ban
20 Jul 44 Vengeance III FB971
8 Sqn DBR in runway collision with FB987 at Samungli, Pa
20 Jul 44 Vengeance III FB987
8 Sqn Runway collision with FB971, Samungli, Pakistan Ju
05 Aug 44 Vengeance FB956 Flt Lt Carswell Harold NIVEN +
LAC Eric Douglas WILLCOCK +
8 Sqn Final leg to Quetta from Cox Bazaar. Caught up in
14 Aug 44 Vengeance FB952 Fg Offr William Ernest Jay McBAIN +
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Failed to pull out from practice dive near Quetta
17 Oct 44 Spitfire VIIIc LV738 W/O W F Stroud + RAF
8 Sqn Engine cut on approach, Crashed while trying to la
14 Nov 44 Spitfire V MA672 Fg Offr S A Hussain
Click to View Record 8 Sqn engine rough at 300' after TO, belly landed Cat E
07 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV663 Fg Offr Kuldip Singh Thandi
Click to View Record 8 Sqn hit by MD332 while taxying after landing Cat E
07 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII MD332
8 Sqn 8RIAF Collided with LV663 on landing Cox's Bazaar
11 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV646 Flt Lt D E Colebroke RAF
8 Sqn Inadvertant wheels up landing at 'George' Nidanai
11 Jan 45 Spitfire VIIIc MD343 Plt Offr E Artus RAF
8 Sqn heavy landing downwind at George Airstrip, Nidania
25 Jan 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr P Chuckerbutty
8 Sqn Crashed western side of runway hit army lorry. Pul
01 Feb 45 Spitfire VIIIc JF778
8 Sqn engine cut, undershot runway, forced landing. acwo
24 Mar 45 Spitfire VIIIc JF625 Plt Offr S Banerji
Click to View Record 8 Sqn engine failure at 8000 feet, forcelanding in openc
05 Apr 45 Spitfire VIIIc Fg Offr E Artus RAF +
8 Sqn Dived Straight down from 10000 feet and crashed in
05 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII MT964 Flt Lt N Dugdale
8 Sqn Went to locate crash site of Artus. FL 1 mile away
08 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII Sgt Tucker +
8 Sqn Engine truboule. Crashed half mile trying to make
15 Apr 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr Kuldip Singh Thandi +
Click to View Record 8 Sqn GCI Crashed fewmiles from airfield. No.3 had port
10 Jun 45 Spitfire VIIIc JG171 Plt Offr John Jasper Bouche
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Overshot landing without flaps, ran into ditch, uc
01 Aug 45 Spitfire VIII MT999 Fg Offr Sardar Shah Muhammad Zahid +
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Baled out ona supply drop E of sittang river due t
03 Aug 45 Spitfire VIII Fg Offr R S Kalyaniwala
Click to View Record 8 Sqn 1030 Hours Crashed at end of E-W Runway. No injuri
04 Aug 45 Spitfire VIIIc MT557 Fg Offr R S Shipurkar
8 Sqn overshot landing after Ops, went into ditch after
17 Sep 45 Spitfire VIIIc LV646 Plt Offr Gladstone Herbert Snell +
8 Sqn No.2 in formation. Missing in Clouds - failed to r
28 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MD386 Fg Offr Ahmed?
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Engine cut bellylanded nr Mingladon . While on a s
15 Jan 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ107 - -
8 Sqn Caught fire duringservicing, burnt out at Mingalad
21 Jan 46 Spitfire XIVe SM897 Plt Offr D G King-Lee
Click to View Record 8 Sqn swung on TO from Mingaladon, hit ditch and steamro
19 Mar 46 Spitfire XIVe NH793 Plt Offr C T Muthayah +
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Engine cut, BL near level crossing at Trichnopoly,
19 May 46 Spitfire VIIIc MD328 Flt Lt A Hussain
Click to View Record 8 Sqn lost on crosscountry, shoft of fuel, FL, tipped up
09 Jun 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ186 Fg Offr V J Clowsley
8 Sqn engine cut in circuit, BL 4 m SSE of Trichnopoly
23 Sep 46 Spitfire XIVe TZ169 Fg Offr S Banerji
Click to View Record 8 Sqn left peritrack while taxying fell in ditch, prop a
25 Oct 46 Spitfire XIV MV374 Plt Offr P B Bhandarkar
8 Sqn Kolar ac swung to starboard and left runway - pilo
04 Dec 46 Spitfire XIVe SM893 Fg Offr N K Lalkaka
Click to View Record 8 Sqn cross country flt Bhopal to nagpur, got lost in cl
14 May 47 Spitfire XIVe RN157 Fg Offr C T Rhenius
8 Sqn engine cut on airtest, belly landed on kolar airfi
29 Jan 48 Tempest II Fg Offr Amit Singh Bakhshi
8 Sqn ac crashed landing at jammu caught fire
15 Mar 48 Tempest II PR-749 Fg Offr Donald George Michael
Click to View Record 8 Sqn Battle Damage, Ac Cr and overturned Jammu

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