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1945 : 94

A total of 94 Accidents and Losses are listed.

DateAircraft TypeTail NoPilot/CrewPhotoUnitRemarks
14 Jul 45 Harvard II b FE484 Fg Offr G Saunder
1AFU ac failed to recover from spin - pilot baled out -
17 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LD827
Ambala, ac bounced on ldg and ballooned 20 feet be
18 Jul 45 Hurricane IV LD609
Kaithal - pilot forgot to refuel ac between sortie
19 Jul 45 Spitfire XIV RN189
No details exist but Cat E after accident
21 Jul 45 Vengeance I AP127
22AACU Digri - pilot applied heavy brakes after failure t
25 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LD341
1SFTS Ambala - pilot ignored instructions and taxied ac
30 Jul 45 Spitfire VIIIc JG620 Fg Offr Yeshwant Ramachandra Agtey
Click to View Record 4 tail chasing, stuck tail of JF883 (F/O TN Ghadiok
31 Jul 45 Hurricane IIC LE917
151OTU Risalpur - FL after eng failure.
01 Aug 45 Spitfire VIII F/O Sardar Shah Muhammad Zahid
Click to View Record 8 No details
04 Aug 45 Spitfire VIIIc MT557 Fg Offr R S Shipurkar
8 overshot landing after Ops, went into ditch after
04 Aug 45 Hurricane IIC LB877
ac eng fail on exercise - pilot BL 10m W of Kolar
09 Aug 45 Hurricane IID KW865
151OTU Lachi - pilot lost, BL after fuel ran out.
13 Aug 45 Hurricane IIC LE166
ac on cc flight quetta to multan - lost way and BL
13 Aug 45 Hurricane IIC LE763
ac on cc flight quetta to multan - lost way and BL
21 Aug 45 Hurricane IIC PJ850
Palmaner - Pilot flew ac with zero oil pressure -
28 Aug 45 Hurricane IIC LB589
151OTU 34.18N 71.41E ac BL after eng fail
03 Sep 45 Hurricane IIC HW535
151OTU Fatehjang - ac BL after eng fail at 2000' due to c
04 Sep 45 Hurricane II HW669
151OTU 33.58n 71.58 E ac BL after eng failure during exer
06 Sep 45 Beaufighter I T5214
22AACU 3m NW of Ambala - Pilot made BL after eng failure
15 Sep 45 Hurricane IID KW794 Plt Offr Hidayat Ali Raja*
ac stalled during unauthorised beatup of a house a
19 Sep 45 Hurricane IId KZ861 Plt Offr Ashok Katju*
3 Risalpur - Tyre Burst on ldg overturned
25 Sep 45 Spitfire Plt Offr Bhaskar Dutt*
Click to View Record 151OTU 31PC Killed in Spitfire Crash
27 Sep 45 Vengeance IV FL555
Caught fire on TO Patenga
28 Sep 45 Spitfire VIII MD386
Mingaladon - ac fuel pump failure and BL
29 Sep 45 Hurricane IIc BP668
1 Risalpur - Tyre burst on TO - BL
02 Oct 45 Hurricane IIc HW136 Fg Offr D M Oka
Click to View Record 2 abandoned TO as ASI was U/S overran runway into di
05 Oct 45 Spitfire VIIIc MV231 Fg Offr J S Ingle
Click to View Record 9 BL at Jhagpani, Bihar
08 Oct 45 Spitfire VIII MT837 Fg Offr A K S Ahmed
Click to View Record 9 75m W of Ranchi damaged by expl debris from grd BL
11 Oct 45 Hurricane IIc HW781
1SFTS Ambala - BL after engine cut
22 Oct 45 Hurricane IId KW783
1SFTS Ambala Eng lost power on TO overturned
26 Oct 45 Hurricane IId KZ859
6 0.5m N of Baliakeri near punjab BL after fuel floo
29 Oct 45 Hurricane IIc BN188
151OTU Peshawar uc leg collapse swung off runway
29 Oct 45 Spitfire VIII MT732
151OTU Peshawar - ac bl after emergency landing
08 Nov 45 Spitfire VIII MT839 Plt Offr L Prince-Forster
Click to View Record 4 Overshot ldg at Willingdon into Ditch Cat B
13 Nov 45 Hurricane IId KX249
151OTU Akora LG Lost ht on LL navex and hit ground
23 Nov 45 Spitfire VIII JG320
151OTU Peshawar bounced on ldg lost tyre uc collapse and
24 Nov 45 Hurricane II EW682
Kohat - ac bl after eng coolant failure
27 Nov 45 Hurricane IIC LD254
151OTU Peshawar - MAC during practice interception
27 Nov 45 Hurricane IIC LD449
151OTU Peshawar - MAC during practice interception - init
28 Nov 45 Spitfire XIV TZ153
Kohat - ac stalled on approach and landed uc colla
29 Nov 45 Hurricane IIb JS412
7 Maharajpur caught fire in circuit ldg safely but b
30 Nov 45 Defiant TT II AA404
22AACU Vizagapatam - ac BL after hydraulic failure - last
20 Dec 45 Spitfire VIIIc MD291 Fg Offr R L Suri
Click to View Record 10 Hit by Spitfire MV245 at Hmawbi Cat E
20 Dec 45 Spitfire VIIIc MT878
10 Damaged beyond repair in accident - Det Unknown

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