Date of Crash  11 Dec 53 Aircraft Type  HT-2
Serial Number   Unit  HAL
Pilot details Mr. M V Namjoshi*
Short Text  HT2 2nd Prototype. Cr Blore at Aerobatics
Details  dated December 11,1953: Crash Claims Ace Indian Test Pilot dated December 11,1953: Crash Claims Ace Indian Test Pilot

Captain M.V. Namjoshi (38), Chief Test Pilot, Hindustan Aircraft, died in a plane crash around the hour of noon on the 10th within the grounds of Hindustan Aircraft in Bangalore. He was piloting a Hindustan Trainer 2 plane, and putting her through aerobatic exercises, when the machine plunged to the ground. Capt. Namjoshi was one of India's outstanding pilots, and among the most competent officials of Hindustan Aircraft. A very senior pilot with a distinguished record of service, he had flown for Indian National Airways, and been Chief Pilot Inspector at the Civil Aviation Training Centre in Allahabad. He was universally popular in Hindustan Aircraft and made several friends. Capt. Namjoshi won the Willingdon Cup for coming first in the Delhi-Calcutta air race in February 1950. He took part in a number of air races in India, and also in an Indo-Ceylon air competition. He was survived by his wife, two sons, and two daughters.