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Wing Commander Anupam Dey

Service No 26325 Branch F(P)
Date of Birth:
Date Commissioned 16 Dec 2000 Course 166 Course
Service End No Details
Remarks :
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Awards and Decorations

Number of Awards: 1
Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry)
Sqn LdrAnupam Dey26325 F(P)Award Date 26 Jan 2014Announced 26 Jan 2014
Details : Squadron Leader Anupam Dey (26325) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a Chetak Helicopter unit since 04 Jun 12 and has been performing the duties of a Fully Operational Pilot. On 26 Mar 13, he was authorized to ferry a Chetak Helicopter Z-422 from Pune to Jamnagar. During hover for take off, at a height of approximately 5-6 feet above ground level, due to failure of the rudder control linkages, total directional control over the helicopter was lost. Due to the loss of directional control, the aircraft started yawing viciously to the left with increasing amplitude and at such a low altitude above ground level spun for four 360 degree rotations. Displaying exemplary presence of mind, nerves of steel and exceptionally high situational awareness. Sqn Ldr Dey correctly analysed the situation and initially controlled the helicopter to prevent it from crashing. Maintaining his orientation in the spinning helicopter and utilizing all his professional experience, he took a took a courageous and bold decision to initiate forward flight of the helicopter. This action of his resulted in the helicopter regaining extremely limited directional stability. He then managed to land the helicopter safely with a forward speed of 30 Knots as compared to the normal landing speed of 3-5 knots without any rudder control being available to him. After landing by judicious use of brakes and lowering of collective, he successfully managed to stop the helicopter without any damage. His prompt decision making and correct analysis of the emergency coupled with ability to maintain his composure in such an uncontrolled state of flight of the helicopter led to the safe recovery of the helicopter, passengers and service equipment. For this act of exceptional courage and professional handling of aircraft under difficult circumstances, Hon'ble President is pleased to award Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry) to Squadron Leader Anupam Dey.
Unit :
Reference : Air Force Day Booklet