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Group Captain Vinod Kumar Singh

Service No 15192 Branch F(P)
Date of Birth: -- --- --
Date Commissioned 28 Dec 1977 Course 120 Course
Service End Retired on 31 May 2004
Remarks :
Promotions Gazetted
Wg Cdr : 01 Oct 1994Gp Capt : 02 Jan 2003
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Notes: 1) Ranks shown are substantive ranks at retirement. 2)Branch is at retirement and may not match with branch at Commission 3)Notional seniority is reflected in dates of substantive rank.

Awards and Decorations

Number of Awards: 1
Vayu Sena Medal
Sqn LdrVinod Kumar Singh15192 F(P)Award Date Announced 26 Jan 1992
Details :

Sqn Ldr Vinod Kumar Singh is on the posted strength of one of Air Force Squadron since 03 Apr 89. The officer has flown 4300 hrs including 850 hrs on IL-76. He has logged 600 hrs as Captain on IL-76 and he is holding a MG category.

On 01 Apr 91, Sqn Ldr Singh was detailed for an air maintenance sortie to convey 225 passengers to a high altitude. The weather was cloudy with low and medium clouds. About 150 km short of Leh while flying at FL 290 over mountainous terrain with peaks protruding above 21000 feet, a loud bang was heard with severe vibrations and fire warning on No. 1 engine. The engine had burst and its parts had hit the wing undersurface and APU bay. The engine had tilted upwards by a few degrees, the port side slat was damaged. The reverse thrust buckets of the failed engine had deployed and the ac was facing serious aerodynamic problems.

Showing exemplary cool, presence of mind and professional competence of the highest order Sqn Ldr Singh correctly analysed the situation and initiated prompt action without hesitation and with full confidence saved the ac from disaster.

After completing initial actions and initiat ing diversion to base, Sqn Ldr Singh displayed exceptional qualities of leadership to exhort all his crew members to take prompt and correct actions. Ably assisted by co-pilot with mere 75 hrs of experience on type, he monitored the subsequent crew actions. By his calm disposition, efficient handling of situation and dialogue, he inspired a very high degree of confidence amongst crew members and thus enabled the emergency to be handled in a competent manner enabling a safe landing at the base.

For his commendable calm, enviable self confidence, maturity and display of exceptional skill in flying a battered ac to save the lives of 230 personnel, the President is pleased to award Vayu Seva Medal to Sqn Ldr VK Singh.

Unit : 44 Sqn
Reference : Gazette of India dated 11th April 1992 - No.29-Pres/92 dated 26th January 1992