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The following are a set of guidelines for the Bharat Rakshak Forums. They are based on a combination of traditions and suggestions from forum administrators and members and may change over time.

User Name Policy
Please note that the User-name should conform to the following guidelines and it should not be changed once set. Forum members are required to register with a displayed name or username that should appear like a common human name and which does NOT feature a call sign, an abbreviation, names with numbers, ALL CAPS, or names that may carry a message or meaning that may be interpreted as inappropriate. Admin decision in this regard is final and usernames deemed inappropriate for the forum will be deleted. Users will not be able to change their own names once set. One of the forum admins will do that for you in case that is required, and you will be notified in a forum post

Free Email id Policy  
Registering using an email address from a free email service provider is strictly prohibited. Please register with an email address which has been provided by your Internet Service Provider [ISP]. Your email address will not be displayed on the forum, as access to email addresses is restricted only to the forum administrators. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Checklist before posting New Topics  
New members are requested to please check the forum for threads that already have content relating to any questions/comments they may want to post and post questions on there. This may require some lurking and reading through forum posts. If anyone has questions related to technology, future developments or any other simple queries, please post them in the Question Board folder.

The forum has a lot of traffic and too many topics fill up the forum too fast, unless we can all cooperate to keep the number of threads down to a manageable level. Sometimes there are questions that have no easy answers, and people get the impression that their question is not getting the attention it deserves because there are no answers. That is wrong. Also, please remember that there is no competition on to see whose thread gets the most traffic. This is an internet forum and no special status is granted to a public personality over a regular member. Ultimately the content of each member's posts and his/her ability to contribute positively in a harmonious fashion are recognized by other members.  

Use of bold, large or colored fonts
Most forum posts do not require bold,
large or multicolored fonts. The indiscriminate and excessive use of such fonts actually leads to eye strain for a reader and serves more as an irritant rather than as an aid to readability. If such fonts are used to highlight some text, overuse defeats the purpose and the highlighted text is easier to ignore than read. Please credit readers of your posts with the intelligence to pick out salient points from your post without burdening their eyes with gaudy font-play. If text is being quoted from a link - quoting only the part that you want to highlight is kinder to your readers than a long quote with highlighted text. Cooperation is sought in this regard.

Posting of NEWS Items
Please post news items in the news folder - after checking to see if someone has already posted it. If you have some special knowledge, insight or opinions regarding the content of a news item, do post your thoughts along with the link as a separate topic in a new or existing thread as appropriate.  Post only news items related to the current month in the News threads. Older news item posts will be deleted.

Please DO NOT post individual news items as separate threads and do not quote the whole news item in the post. Obviously some news items like important breaking news - wars/assassinations/tech developments may warrant new threads.

Forum Moderation
Please use your discretion and please do not be offended if the item is locked or shifted. Nothing personal is intended. Once again, admin decisions in this regard are final. Bharat Rakshak Forums are dependent on members for information and intellectual contributions. Please try not to see the forum as a "use and throw" board. If you find it useful and interesting, that is fine. But if you have any special knowledge or interest regarding Indian security or strategic issues, please work on it and write up something and post it on here as a topic for discussion. Please remember the main topic thrust of each forum before doing so. If you post information, please quote the source, and if you post an opinion, please say so. The forums depend on people who join, rather than people who wish to disrupt. We have a well developed ethos and tradition. but are open to change and suggestions that are not disruptive.

Relevance of Topics
Kindly note that the forums available on Bharat-Rakshak have broad guidelines as to what may be discussed, and they may be seen on the forum index page on Religious discussions, and discussion of Indian politics are NOT encouraged and discussions that have these topics in them are liable to be locked or deleted at the discretion of the forum admins. We need your knowledge and experience - and as far as possible please try not to post idle speculation.

Cooperation and understanding is actively sought from forum members, as well as well thought out intellectual contributions. If you have knowledge, don't display it as fancy jargon. Write an article, or put up your thoughts and opinions so that others can understand and gain from you. And remember - opinions will vary, so don't be upset if someone disagrees with you - or if you are upset - don't reply with an angry post. There will always be someone who disagrees with your viewpoint.

Please also remember that administrators do not specifically single out and target any member for post locking or post deletion, although a fairly strict vigil is maintained for the occasional member who consistently triggers flame wars. Ultimately administrators decide what stays on and what does not stay on. Administrators are selected from among forum members based on their ability to show consistent commitment to the website and forum.

Feedback and Complaints
Please email any comments, complaints or information you would like to share or call attention to (such as unacceptable posts/flame wars) Use our Feedback Form

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