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Indian Navy Marches
Extremely grateful to Commander Sebastian A.Anchees, Director of Music, Indian Navy. Please click on the icon to listen to the tunes.
Indian Fleet Indian Army Marches

Indian Navy Marches

Indian Air Force Marches
Quick march composed by Gomez. This tune is played first in ceremonial parades, when the platoons march into the parade.
Vaishnav Janato (Bhajan) [NEW!]
A beautiful composition by one of the best music composers of the Indian Navy Band, Hon. Lt. M.S Neer. This tune is an adaption of the bhajan (hymn) "Vaishnav Janato"   for a Military Band. This tune is not played during parades, as it is not a march.
Dudh Sagar (Milky White Sea)
Quick march composed by Rodrigues.
Hind Maha Sagar (The Mighty Indian Ocean)
Quick march composed by Thomas. The IAF also plays this tune, but in a slightly different style.
INS Vikrant
Quick march composed by N.M Wise, the then Director of Music, commemerating the induction of the first Air Craft Carrier, INS Vikrant to the Indian Naval Fleet.
INS Viraat
Quick march composed by Commander S.A. Anchees, Director of Music.
INS Ganga army/meta/deshsena.ram
Quick march composed by Commander S.A. Anchees, Director of Music. He was aboard this ship, when the tune was composed.
INS Nilgiri
Quick march composed by Rodrigues.
Beneath the Waves
Slow March composed by Commander S.A. Anchees, Navy Director of Music. This tune was for commemorating the achievements of the Indian Navy's Submarine Arm.
Jal Nidhi (Treasure from the Seas)
Quick march composed by Cardoz.
Jal Pakshi (Sea Bird)
Slow march composed by Rodrigues. This is generally played during Guard of Honours, when the VIP is inspecting the parade.
Sagar Samrat (Emperor of the Seas)
Quick march composed by Hon. Lt. M.S Neer.
Jai Bharti (Victory to India)
Quick march composed by Dias. This tune is the official march of the Indian Navy. The band plays this tune as it approaches the Saluting dais.
Abide With Me
A prayer or hymn played during the evening time. This tune was one of the favourite ones of Mahathma Gandhi, father of the nation.
Sare Jahan Se Acha (Best in the world)
The Quick march of the Indian Defence forces. The lyrics of the song was written by the famous Urdu poet Mohammad Iqbal. It was arranged for military band, by Prof. A. Lobo.