Army Strength



Command Structure




Active Main Battle Tanks - 62 Armoured Regiments

Reserve/Store MBTs

Active Infantry Combat Vehicles

Reserve/Store ICVs

Reconnaissance Vehicles


Active Towed Artillery

Reserve Towed Artillery

Self-Propelled Artillery

*Both guns have been phased out from active service due to age/mechanical problems.
*A self-propelled artillery competition is underway in India.

Multiple Rocket Launcher (Artillery)


Anti-Tank Guided Weapons

Recoilless Weapons

Air Defence Guns

Surface-To-Air Missiles

Surface-To-Surface Missiles

Army Aviation


*SIPRI {Stockholm International Peace Research Institute} reported that 200 EL/M-2140 radar were ordered in 1999 and 25 were delivered by 2001. SIPRI also reported that 56 ELTA EL/M-2129 artillery radar were ordered in 1999 and five were delivered by 2001. However the EL/M-2129 is actually a Movement Detection & Security Radar (MDSR) and not an artillery radar. Jane's Defence Weekly (JDW) confirms this order and states that the deal included a transfer of technology, for local manufacture by Bharat Electronics Limited. JDW also reported that 1022 man-portable radars and 30 battlefield surveillance radars has been acquired from the Israeli company, El-Op, in a deal signed in August 2002.

SIPRI's database reveals that 32 Searcher UAVs were ordered in 2000 and 16 systems were delivered by 2001. An earlier 1996 order for 12 Searcher UAVs was completed in 1998. SIPRI also reported that 40 Harpy anti-radar UAVs were ordered in 1997 and all 40 were delivered by 1999-2000. SIPRI reported that six Heron-2 UAVs were ordered in 2001.