Army Education Corps



Born on 01 June 1947, the Army Education Corps came into existence with just 40 regular officers, 40 short-service commissioned officers, 120 JCOs and 400 Other Ranks. Having grown tremendously since then, the Corps presently has a strength of approximately 500 officers, 6000 JCOs and Other Ranks. Another 100 odd civilians also serve at AEC units all across the country. With its training centre is in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh it supervises & directs all education in the Army and also provides the instructors and examines the machinery for all it's educational exams.

Post-independence, the Corps played a crucial role in improving the educational and professional standard of troops. Personnel of the Corps serve all over the country - from garrisons to headquarters to training centres to establishments to military schools & colleges and even recruitment selection centres. The Corps also runs human resources development centres, whose function is to instruct SSC-level education, Army Cadet College cadre classes, certificate education, schooling in foreign & regional languages, communication skills, map reading and music training. The management of Sainik Schools by this Corps has helped in moulding young minds and setting them on the path of Military leadership.

Official Website: http://indianarmy.nic.in/arms/aec/index_aec.htm

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