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Special thanks to Rakesh Koshy, Aman Singh Chhina, PVS Jagan Mohan, Ravi Rao and Vikram Vyas. The list of senior officers given below has been compiled from open sources. Bharat Rakshak maintains no claim regarding the accuracy of this document and it is subject to revision from time to time. If you know any information on some of these appointments and which is not classified or restricted information then you are requested to get in touch with the webmasters.

  Appointment Rank and Name Serial No. Appt. Date Comm. Date
1 Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) Admiral Sureesh Mehta 00727-A 28 Sept 2007 July 1967
2 Chief of Integrated Service Command (CISC) Lieutenant General Hardev Singh Lidder IC-19009 02 Mar 2006 July 1967
3 C-in-C, Strategic Nuclear Command Vice Admiral Vijay Shankar   03 July 2004 Oct 1966
4 C-in-C, Andaman & Nicobar Command        
5 Deputy-CIDS (Medical)        
6 Deputy-CIDS (Planning)        
7 Deputy-CIDS (Operations)        
8 Deputy-CIDS (Intelligence) Lieutenant General Autar Singh IC-16632 17 Feb 2004 1965
9 Deputy-CIDS (Doctrine, Organisation & Training)        
10 Assistant-CIDS (Intelligence) Air Vice Marshal S C Malhan      
11 Assistant-CIDS (Joint Operations) Air Vice Marshal J S Gujral      
12 Assistant-CIDS (Technical Manager, D.P.B.) Air Vice Marshal S L Sud      
13 Assistant-CIDS (Perspective Plans & Force Structure) Air Vice Marshal M Dixit      
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