1971 Bangladesh War

Official History of the 1971 India Pakistan War

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Chapter08.pdf: File Size - 4.5M - Pakistan Choses War : Operations in J & K

Chapter09.pdf: File Size - 3.8M - Pakistan Choses War : Operations in J & K

Chapter10.pdf: File Size - 2.5M - The Indian Air Force in the West

Chapter11.pdf: File Size - 1.5M - Naval Operations in the Arabian Sea

Chapter12.pdf: File Size - 3.4M - All Out War in Bangladesh

Chapter13.pdf: File Size - 2.7M - March to Dhaka

Chapter14.pdf: File Size - 1.8M - IAF in the Eastern Theatre

Chapter15.pdf: File Size - 2.3M - The Indian Navy in the Bay of Bengal

Chapter16.pdf: File Size - 2.4M - The Pakistani Surrender

Chapter17.pdf: File Size - 2.2M - Politics in the United Nations

Chapter18.pdf: File Size - 2.0M - In Search of Lasting Peace

Chapter19.pdf: File Size - 1.1M - Review and Reflections