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Vol 01 : Issue 15

Dated 16th  December 1971 , Thursday

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Pakistanis in Bangladesh Surrender!
Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora receives Niazi's Surrender in Dhaka

Dec 16 DHAKA The Pakistani forces in East Pakistan have surrendered formally to the Indian Army today. The surrender was signalled by the signing of the surrender document by Lt Gen A A K Niazi, the Army Commander of all Pakistani forces in the area. Accepting the surrender from India was Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, the GOC in C , Eastern Army Command. After signing the document at about 4.30pm, the Pakistani Commander handed over his Personal Pistol and Lanyard to Gen Aurora and removed his badges of rank. With that a cheer went up in the Dacca race course and Dacca became the free capital of a free country, Bangladesh.

The Surrender ceremony was only the conclusion of hectic negotiations that went on since the morning of today.

Surrender1.jpg (73846 bytes)

sion of the hold in Air operations in the Eastern Sector. This was duely granted and even the land operations were ordered to cease and by 1.00 pm, the Chief of Staff, Eastern Command, Maj Gen J F R Jacob was in Dacca meeting the Pakistani commanders and showing them the draft of the Surrender Document.

An Indian Army battallion had already entered Dacca earlier at around 10.40 and was given a tumultous welcome by the crowd.

The Pakistanis accepted the terms in the Surrender document and was initialled by 2.45pm. As soon as HQ , Eastern Command was notified, Top officials of the Indian Army's Campaign in East Pakistan took off from Calcutta[Read Full Story]

In response to Gen Mankeshaw's message yesterday to the Pakistani troops, a radio signal was recieved

at 8.00 am today morning confirming acceptance of a surrender and asking for an  exten-

Huge bag of prisoners in our hands.

Dec 16, Dacca: A Huge bag of prisoners have come into Indian Army's hands with the surrender of the Pakistani forces in Bangladesh.

The total number of uniformed personnel consist of about 79,676  of which 55692 are Army, 16354 are of paramilitary   and 5296 are civilian police personnel. In addition, about 800 PAF and 1000 Pakistani Navy personnel are also in the bag.

More than 12000 civlians comprising of West Pakistanis in the government civil administration,  Spouses and children of army personnel posted in East pakistan etc are also there. All of them will be provided protection and treated according to the Geneva convention, sources have confirmed.

The fate of thousands of Razakars , civilian militia personnel  is however unclear.

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The Concept of this site: The Liberation Times [TLT]- is a commemoration of the 30th Anniv- ersary of India's greatest Military Victory in the last century and the birth of a new nation - Bangladesh. TLT will track the day to day events of the short 14-Day war, that took place thirty years back.  [More]

First Indian Troops in Dacca
101 Communication Zone is the first Indian Army Formation in Dacca

Dec 16, Dacca: The first Indian troops to enter Dacca were from the101 Communication Zone. This formation operating in the northern sector has already been in the outskirts of Dacca since yesterday. The 2 Para Battalion was at the Mirpur bridge yesterday evening where they were exchanging fire with Pakistani troops in the wee hours of the night.

Today morning, they intercepted the ceasefire communication from General Niazi and all fighting came to a stand still. The sector commander, Maj Gen G Nagra arrived early morning today. He was informed by the Brigade commander, Brig Kler about Gen Niazi's message.

Troops of the 2 Para enter Dacca

Immediately Gen Nagra sent two officers, Capt Nirbhay Kumar, the Adjutant of the Para Battallion and Capt Mehta his ADC under a flag of truce with a personal message to Gen Niazi. [Read Full Story]

Map Showing the Advance of Indian Army Troops

Campaign Map

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's Statement in Parliament

Dec 16 NEW DELHI:   Applause , defeaning and prolonged resounded in the Lok Sabha today evening when the Prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi announced the Pakistani surrender in Dacca.

Members thumped tables, threw up papers in the air and shouted "Jai Bangla , Jai Indira Gandhi" as Mrs Gandhi declared that "Dacca was now the "free capital of a free country".

Hailing the emergence of the new country, she declared that the Indian Army would not remain there any longer than necessary. She remembered with gratitude, the men of the Mukti Bahini, the soldiers of the Indian Army and the Border Security Force who had fought magnificently and had laid down their lives for the liberation of the new country. 

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by R K Laxman

Courtesy : The Times of India Group - R K Laxman

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17th Dec 1971
Fierce battles at Shakargarh at Basantar
Lone tank's gallant stand under a Young Officer  against Pakistani tanks.

Dec 16, Shakargarh Sector A fierce battle broke out between advancing troops of the Indian 47th Brigade of 54 Infantry Division and Pakistani defending troops. The Indian brigade launched an offensive yesterday night in the Basantar river area. 16 Madras and 3 Grenediers were used to establish bridgeheads. The places of Saraj Chak, Jarpal and Lohal.

During yesterday night, retalliatory attacks by the enemy were beat back. In the fighting Lt Col V P Ghai, the CO of 16 Madras was killed in the fighting.

Today morning an armoured counter attack by two Pakistani tank regiments were launched against our positions.

Lt Col Hanut Singh, CO 17 Horse
The three infantry battalions at our bridgehead, supported by 17 Poona horse regiment under Lt Col Hanut Singh, supported by Artillery fire repulsed the attack ......   [Read Full Story]

MiG-19 shot down over Nayachor.
Many towns and Pakistani Army strongholds fall to Army operations

Dec 16, Rajasthan : As more towns and areas fell under Indian Troop's command, a major airbattle over the Naya chor area saw a MiG-19 being shot down in aircombat.

A formation of HF-24 Marut fighters under Wing Cdr Jit Dhawan from Uttarlai were flying a mission in the Nayachor area escorted by MiG-21s of No.29 Scorpions also based at Uttarlai. The formation was attacked by

some PAF F-6 fighters over the Nayachor area.  The MiG escort immediately pounced on the enemy fighters and one of them was shot down by Cannon Fire by Flt Lt Samar Bikram Shah.

The Second MiG aircraft cleared out of the area as the entire formation safely made it back to base. This is the second MiG-19 to be shot down in aircombat since the war began. The first to a Su-7 on Dec 12th.

Flt lt Samar Bikram Shah
Flt Lt S B Shah 29 Sqn


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