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Fierce battles in Kushtia and Ashuganj
For a change Pakistani Army stands and fights instead of running away

Dec 09 EASTERN SECTOR: The Indian Army today advanced closer to its objective of reaching Dacca, even as the Pakistani Army has begun offering resistance for the first time since the war began. Sources have said that the day saw some severe fighting in the Ashuganj and Kushtia towns, in the IV Corps and II Corps sector respectively. Both the corps formations are considered the best bet to reach Dacca in this war.

4 Mtn Div under II Corps faced the first battle of the day when troops of 22 Rajput and tanks from 45 Cavalry entered Kushtia town. An ambush by the Pakistani troops inflicted some losses on our troops. Five of the PT-76 Tanks were either destroyed or disabled in the town. In return two of the Chafee tanks of the Pakistani Army have been knocked out. Assesing the threat in person was the corps commander Lt Gen T N Raina and the Divisional Commander Maj Gen M S Barar who have arrived by helicopter to oversee the conduct of the battle. To contain the Pakistani offensive, More troops are being bought over to encircle and cordon ofF the Pakistani troops in the town.

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Further to the east, in IV Corps sector, fighting has broken out in two areas. The Gorkha Troops helilifted yesterday to the outskirts of Sylhet have faced some severe attacks from the Pakistani forces in Sylhet town. The attacks have been half hearted and have been beaten back.

Chafee Tank at Kushtia


A Pakistani Chafee tank knocked out at Kushtia.

Slightly to the south was the 57 Mtn Division under Maj Gen B F Gonsalves. After the fall of Brahmanbaria town, the only obstacle between them and crossing the Meghna River was the town of Ashuganj, thru which a bridge spans the massive river. The lead brigade supported by tanks put in an attack on Ashuganj in an effort to capture the bridge. Capture of this bridge would mean that there are no natural obstacles between the advancing troops and Dacca.

Ashuganj is also believed to hold the major amount of troops. Beyond them the road to dacca lies bare. However the determination shown by the enemy has shown that this is not going to be an easy war. The attacking brigade at Ashuganj too had to abort the operation in face of severe oppostion from the enemy. Four of our tanks of 63 Cavalry have been lost to RCL fire. However Brahamanbaria town is in our hands and only Ashuganj remains the sole hurdle .

23 Mtn Div under IV corps had suceeded in capturing a string of positions. Daudkandi town and Comilla town have been secured by the division.

Earlier in the day, the town of Chandpur has been found abandoned by the enemy, this was discovered by none other than the Corps Commander himself on a helicopter sortie over the area. He immediately contacted the forward troops of our advance and the town was taken without any resistance at all.

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