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Navy ship Khukri lost: 195 feared dead
INS Khukri, a Naval Frigate was sunk by a submarine  in the Arabian Sea

Dec 09, Western Sector: The Indian Navy has reported the loss of INS Khukri, a Type-14 Anti Submarine Warfare Frigate off the coast of Kathaiwar to an enemy submarine. More than 195 of the crew members are missing and presumed dead. Rescue efforts are going on. The tragic news comes closely on the news of the sucessful attacks on the Karachi Harbour last night and the capture of the Pakistani Merchant ship Madhumati.

The incident occurred just a few hours back at around 8.00 pm, when INS Khukri and INS Kirpan were undertaking an Anti Submarine sortie trying to detect enemy submarines. An enemy submarine fired and hit the Khukri with a salvo of three torpedoes. The Khukri sank in a matter of minutes. The crew were ordered to abandon ship , but not everyone was sucessful.  Only sixty seven crew members of the Khukri could be picked up from the dark sea. Over 195 are missing, including 19 Officers.

The survivors reported that as they saw the ship going down, and the sea closing over the bridge, they saw Captain M.N Mullah seated in the captain's chair on the bridge. Keeping him company was Lt.Cmdr Joginder Krishen Suri.

INS Khukri , which was sunk today by an enemy submarine off the coast of Diu

Captain Mahendra Nath Mullah, aged 45,in the highest tradition of the Navy, preferred to stand by his 18 officers and 176 sailors who went down with the Khukri.  

Captain M N Mullah , commanding the ill-fated INS Khukri

When Captain Mullah realized that the ship could not be saved, he gave orders to abandon ship and then directed his second in command, Lt.Cmdr Suri to cast life boats, rafts and buoys into the sea. The Captain himself pushed them into safe waters, directing them to swim away. When one of them offered the Captain a lifejacket, he brushed him away with the words, “Go on, save yourself, do not worry about me." There was no confusion and no panic due to the Captain's calm transmitting itself to his men. Captain Mulla has given his life in the highest traditions of the Navy.

INS Kirpan, which initially stopped to pick up survivors had to move out of the area when it picked up sounds of Torpedoes over its Hydrophones. The ship came back again into the area later and rescued the survivors.

A Massive hunt for the Pakistani submarine is underway with both ships and aircraft of the Eastern Command participating in a big way. The higher officials in the  Eastern fleet expressed thier confidence in hunting down the Submarine and said that no effort would be spared in tracking down the submarine.

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