Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of India's Greatest Military Victory

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Vol 01 : Issue 07

Dated 08th December 1971 , Wednesday

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Indian army troops advance to Ashuganj

Dec08 Agartala: A spokesman here today has said that Pakistani troops have vacated the town of Brahmanbaria in the 57 Mtn Div sector. This move by the enemy now does not leave any obstacles in the divisions advance to Ashuganj, where the key bridge over the Meghna is situated. If Indian troops cross this particular bridge,  The advance to Dacca will be much easier as no major riverine obstacles are ahead.

Breaking News

Navy attacks Karachi

Dec 08, BOMBAY: Delayed reports reaching Bombay have mentioned that the Navy had raided Karachi for the second time. The attack which started after 2200 hrs today were carried out by missile boats again. Heavy damage to Pakistani Navy and Harbour insta-llations  has been inflicted.

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The Concept of this site: The Liberation Times [TLT]- is a commemoration of the 30th Anniv- ersary of India's greatest Military Victory in the last century and the birth of a new nation - Bangladesh. TLT will track the day to day events of the short 14-Day war, that took place thirty years back.  [More]

Airborne chariots in action at Sylhet
The first ever Heliborne Operation in Indian history.

Dec 08, Agartala: According to reports received, Indian Army troops have completed an airborne operation helilifting troops for the first time in our History.

A Battalion of troops have been helilifted to the outskirts of Sylhet in an attempt to hasten its fall. Yesterday, information was received that Pakistani troops were withdrawing from Sylhet. The corps commander Lt Gen Sagat Singh felt that helilifting troops to Sylhet would hasten the capture of this important town and accordingly he discussed with the Local divisional commander, Maj Gen K V Krishna Rao, GOC 8 Mtn Div.

Mi-4 Helicopters disembarking troops at Sylhet

Nine Mi-4 Helicopters were made available to the Division and Group Captain Chandan Singh of  ... [Read Full Story]

Other Reports

IAF air ops in the west:

Dec 08, NEW DELHI: The IAF mounted air offensive has in the past two days shifted its focus to ground support and economic targets. The IAF had  successfully attacked and destroyed the Hydro-Electric powerstation at the Mangla dam yesterday.

The raid was carried out by aircraft of No.20 Squadron flying Hawker Hunters. Sqn Ldr R N Bharadwaj led the four shipper raid against the Power station and successfully attacked it.   [Read Full Story]

IAF pilot's Miraculous flight back:

Dec 08, Pathankot: When a MiG-21 aircraft of No.45 Squadron returned from a ground support mission from the Chamb area, the ground crew did not believe what they saw. The MiG-21 that landed was one of the most heavily damaged aircraft that they had seen.

Half of the wing leading edge was torn away due to direct hits by Anti Aircraft fire. A big hole was gaping out of the dorsal fin. The Communication arial was nowhere to be seen, the Pilot obviously was not able to contact the ATC. [Read Full Story]

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Assault on Enemy OPs in Kargil Sector
Posts that were returned in 1965 twice occupied again

DEC 8 : LADAKH:-  Indian Army troops in the Northern sector have today completed an operation that had enabled us to capture some strategic outposts in the Kargil sector.

Kargil situated half way between Srinagar and Leh is a vital transit point as the road to Leh goes through this small town. It is in this area that the Key Road comes closest to the CFL , where Pakistani troops are able to observe the movements on the Road.

Two Pakistani Observation Posts (OPs) were on Pt 13620 and Black Rock. Both the outposts were taken after heavy fighting during the 1965 operations.

Not once, but twice - Once after Kutch, Once after the main hostilities...and they were returned due to post war talks.

The task to take out these OPs and other posts in the area was given to 121 Infantry Group under Brig M L Whig. The area was under 3 Mtn Division (Maj Gen S P Malhotra) which moved its Tac HQ from Leh to Kargil to oversee the operations.

Brig Whig used three battalions in this operation. 2/11 Gorkha Rifles, 7 Guards and 9 J and K Militia.

The operation was launched in the early hours of yesterday. Two supporting posts to Pt 13620 .... [Read Full Story]

Wings of the Navy : Tigers and Cobras
Operations aboard the INS Vikrant in the Bay of Bengal

INS Vikrant at sea

Dec 08, Onboard the INS Vikrant:
Within hours of the PNS Ghazi being sunk at the Eastern naval command's own doorstep, Aircraft of the Navy, under the "White Tigers" and "Cobras" Squadron were all set to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy. Both the squadrons are based on the Flagship of our Navy, INS Vikrant.

The Vikrant, commissioned first in 1961 has a complement of 1,350 officers and men. It has on board Ten Sea Hawk jet fighters, two Alloutte III helicopters and Four Alize Turboprops.

Commanding this floating fortress of aircraft and personnel is Captain Swaraj Prakash, an old sea dog with more than 24 years of service behind him. He had earlier commanded INS Delhi. Captain Prakash is not an aviator, but he is assisted by an Aviator Officer in the post of Commander (Air), in this case, Commander R S Grewal. Cdr Grewal , an ex Alize pilot with a Nao Sena Medal under his belt chalks out the daily plans for strike and flying with the respective COs of the two squadrons......[Read Full Story]


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