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Assault on Enemy OPs in Kargil
Posts that were returned in 1965 twice occupied again

DEC 8 : LADAKH:-  Indian Army troops in the Northern sector have today completed an operation that had enabled us to capture some strategic outposts in the Kargil sector.

Kargil situated half way between Srinagar and Leh is a vital transit point as the road to Leh goes through this small town. It is in this area that the Key Road comes closest to the CFL , where Pakistani troops are able to observe the movements on the Road. Two Pakistani Observation Posts (OPs) were on Pt 13620 and Black Rock. Both the outposts were taken after heavy fighting during the 1965 operations. Not once, but twice - Once after Kutch, Once after the main hostilities...and they were returned due to post war talks.

The task to take out these OPs and other posts in the area was given to 121 Infantry Group under Brig M L Whig. The area was under 3 Mtn Division (Maj Gen S P Malhotra) which moved its Tac HQ from Leh to Kargil to oversee the operations.

Brig Whig used three battallions in this operation. 2/11 Gorkha Rifles, 7 Guards and 9 J and K Militia.

The operation was launched in the early hours of yesterday. Two supporting posts to Pt 13620 were assualted by the Gorkhas and taken. This had put the enemy troops in that OP under pressure. Their supply lines have been cut off and they are not expected to hold out longer. the J and K militia was used to take a point which helped cut the supply lines. They are reporting that the enemy has already begun withdrawing from 13620. Confirmation is yet to come, but it is evident that the post will fall in no time.

An attack on posts in the Brachil area was undertaken by 18 Punjab under Lt Col B S Joshi. They were faced with heavy opposition and the mountain posts were literally cleared in Bunker to Bunker fighting. It was not until 1600 Hours yesterday did the area finally cleared of the enemy.

7 Guards too launched its attack in support of 18 Punjab and cleared its objectives of the enemy by 1730 hours yesterday.

By the end of yesterday, the enemy still controlled the Trishul feature at 14414 feet. 7 Guards launched its attack today at 0430 in the morning with a company strong assault. By 0730, the post was taken. Still remaining in this area are the posts 3985, 3550 and 4190.

The major amount of casualties in this round of fighting was more to the elements than to the enemy fire. 7 Guards for example had more than 40 perent of its troop suffer from Frostbite. mainly as they used canvas shoes to make thier climb much easier.

When queried about the fate of the posts once the fighting ended, if the posts will be returned for a third time, the Top Officials remained tight lipped, though one of them later told us off the record that "this time, it will be for keeps"

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