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Chicken's Neck  "wrung" by Zoru
26 Infantry Division occupies key salient without major Opposition.

Dec 07, Chicken's Neck (Akhnur): "Chicken's Neck" is a narrow strip of Pakistani territory that lies south of Akhnur in Jammu and Kashmir. About 170 sq km in area, it has a small neck in the south, from which a jagged head, with a beak like point, extends northwards. The beak points to the strategic bridge over the chenab.

Major General Zorawar Chand Bakshi, one of the highly decorated officers in the Indian Army is the local commander who was entrusted with the task. Maj Gen Bakshi has a MVC from the 1965 War and a Vir Chakra from the 1948 Kashmir War. He also has a VSM for distinguished service.

Before Maj Gen  Bakshi took over 26 Infantry Division in this area, it was referred to as "The Dagger", on account of its shape and percieved danger to Akhnur. As far back as in October when Maj Gen Bakshi took over, he stated that the name will be henceforth "Chicken's Neck" and that hew was soon going to wring it.

Map of Chicken's Neck - Jammu and Kashmir
Map showing the territory occupied by India

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Gorkha troops cross a nala during operations in the Chicken's Neck area

Referred to as the Phuklian Salient,   it was important as the Marala headworks lay south of it. The plan was for 19 Inf Brigade under Brig Mohinder Singh to infilitrate from south to block the enemy's route of withdrawal and thus demoralise them before taking on the main defences. The Brigade was also supported by a group from 9 Para Commando and some armour.

The Operation started last light on day before yesterday. Aggressive patrolling was undertaken before the commencement of the operation. 

An assualt on an enemy company who had occupied a post vacated by us inflicted 19 killed and 18 POWs on the Pakistani 37 FF Regt. about 30 Rifles and 4 MMGs were captured. All at an expense of 4 of our own killed.

Once the operation was launched, The leading battallion  encountered no opposition at all and soon the  villages of

Tibba, Pul Bajuan and Pindi Bajuan were in our hands.

Though the other two battallions were also in the fray soon after, the progress was slightly slower than anticipated and a Major chunck of the enemy forces occupying the area slipped through the cordon. 

The whole area was cleared of the enemy troops by evening today. Still the casualities on the Pakistanis holding the area is significant. 32 killed and 28 taken prisoners. Most of them were not regular military but from the Para Military rangers force.

In the two day operations besides the already mentioned casualities, 170 sq km of prime agricultural land has been taken in our hands, with minimal casualities to the formations of the  Indian Army involved in these operations.

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