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Army takes Dera Baba Nanak
Crucial enclave evicted of Pakistani troops. Large numbers of equipment captured.

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An Indian Soldier looks at the destroyed Rail/Road Bridge over the River Ravi at the Dera Baba Nanak Enclave. The enclave was taken by our troops today morning.

Dec 06, Punjab: The Indian Army's 86 Infantry Brigade located near the Dera Baba Nanak Enclave had today occupied the crucial enclave evicting the enemy troops from the area. Otherwise known as the Jassar enclave, this piece of land provided a bridgehead to the enemy across the river Ravi, as the road thru this enclave would lead to important towns and cities in Punjab like Amritsar, Ambala etc. There is a Road cum rail bridge that runs over the Ravi into the pakistani enclave.

On the night of Dec 3rd, the small Indian enclave across the Ravi known as the Kasowal enclave was occupied by the Army. This had very less strategic significance and Indian troops withdrew from the enclave as per plan. The task at hand , however was the occupation of the Jassar enclave.

The Indian attack was launched at last  light yesterday, when troops of 10 Dogra under Lt Col Narinder Singh,  supported by a squadron of 71 Armd Regt proceeded to the area. The tanks encountered some difficulty in negotiating the terrain.

Troops from 1/9 Gorkha Rifles and 10 Dogra launched the attack in the early hours today and had captured thier objectives by first light. In the heavy fighting that followed Captain Devinder Singh Ahlawat made the supreme sacrifice when he charged a machine gun post. He was shot in the stomach with a burst and died on the battle field. We lost 10 men killed and another 3 missing. We did manage to kill more than 34 of the enemy 

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Captain Devinder Singh Ahlawat, 24 years old, of 10 Dogra Bn, who made the supreme sacrifice today.

troops. We captured another 26 as prisoners. In addition, a good number of guns, mortars , MMGs were captured in this operation. There was some confusion among the leading elements of our tanks and in a case of mistaken identity two of the tanks were hit by another squadron in the vicinity.

Brigadier Krishaswamy Gowrishankar , the Commander of 86 Brigade mapped out the strategy and oversaw the operations throughout the night and successfully directed them to the objectives.

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