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Submarine Sunk near Vizag
Indian Navy bags Pakistan's navy pride

Dec 05 VISAKHAPATNAM: There's no doubt about it.The large black object lying dead 17 41'00'' N and 83 21'05''E off Vishakapatnam is none other than the (ex)pride of the pakistani navy - the submarine Ghazi.The submarine exploded and sunk around the midnight of 3/4 December after an encounter with the Indian destroyer INS INS Rajput which depth charged it.The commanding officer of the Ghazi, Zafar mohammed khan and the 82 member crew have met with a watery grave.This outstanding submarine kill is the first one since WW-II and once again,the Indian Navy has placed itself in the history books with yet another chapter following their awesome attack on Karachi.

The pakistani navy must be cursing their fate as they have not only lost 2 destroyers and a minesweeper but now,their prized submarine and now are neck deep in agony as they stand humbled by their far more professional and skilled counterpart. Congradulations are a many for Lt.Cdr Inder Singh of the INS Rajput as well as the hero behind the scenes -  Vice Admiral N.Krishnan, the flag officer commander in chief of the Indian navy's Eastern fleet.

Ghazi-Doc.jpg (27097 bytes) A top secret document recovered from the PNS Ghazi instructs the crew to "occupy zone victor" and that "Intel indicates carrier in port", the result of a successful deception by Eastern Command

The sinking of the Ghazi was actually the result of strong planning,deceptive tactics equated to a  pre-set plan to lead this mighty submarine to it's doom. Much of the credit for the tactics used go to Vice Admiral N.Krishnan.From his point of view, it was pretty clear that the Ghazi would deployed to stalk and possibly damage and sink the aircraft carrier vikrant whose loss would be of outstanding magnitude.The deployment of the Ghazi to the Bay of Bengal was revealed to the Indian Navy when a signal addressed to the naval authorities in Chittagong in East pakistan was intercepted requesting information on a special grade of lubrication oil which was used only by submarines and minesweepers.

As minesweepers and the Daphne class submarines did not have the range to operate in the Bay of Bengal,it was assumed that the submarine Ghazi was stalking the Vikrant.The Ghazi was the only means by which the pakistan Navy could interfere in the Indian Navy's Eastern theatre of operations.

Ghazi.jpg (20890 bytes)
The Pride of the Pakistani Navy, PNS Ghazi which was sunk off the Visakhapatnam Coast on the night of Dec 3rd.

So,it was decided that a number of deceptive measures would be put in, in order to fool the enemy into the thinking the Vikrant was where she was not and hence deploy the sub to a region where she could be attacked. 

Vikrant had already sailed away to an unknown location,10 days before the Ghazi began searching for her near Vishakapatnam. Not only did the navy give away many indications that the eastern fleet and the Vikrant were actually in Vizag but also intentionally breached security by making an unclassified signal in the form of a private Telegram allegedly from one of Vikrant's sailor's asking about the welfare of his mother who was "seriously ill."   These measures were expected to be picked up and relayed to the enemy and that's exactly what happened.The Navy decided to use the destroyer INS Rajput as a decoy in order to complete the Trap. 

The INS Rajput sailed out of Vizag a little before the midnight of 3/4 december and obtained a sonar contact.The captain noticed a disturbance in the water and evaluated it to be a submarine diving so he promptly delivered depth charges.Finding no immediate reaction,the INS Rajput sailed on, unaware about the unique prize she had bagged. A little while later, two tremendous and simultanoeus explosions were heard which smashed several windows near the coast and the INS Rajput got a heavy jolt.A command diving team was brought to the scene in the early hours of 4th december and a combined effort with cooperating fisherman resulted in the retreival of a number of debris and objects,all with american markings on them.

The Divers identified a large black object lying dead at a depth of about 150 feet which is now confirmed to be none other than the deadly Pakistani tench class submarine Ghazi. Apparently,the Indian Navy's plan to kill the Ghazi  worked only too well. The Ghazi, 2415 tonnes submerged,311 feet long was on lease from the United states where she served as the "USS Diablo". She had an incredible range of 11,000 miles cruising at 10 knots and a patrol endurance of 75 days and was pakistan's only means of interfering with the Indian Navy's eastern theatre operations. Efforts are now being made to retrieve some more objects from the submarine itself. The sinking of the Ghazi will not only serve as a morale booster for the Indian Navy but will also help teach pakistan a valuable lesson in not challenging forces far superior and more professional.

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